John Boehner Endorses Chris Christie For President


Boehner - Christie

Well, he didn't come out and say so in as many words, but certainly Christie's actions prove that he and the speaker of the house have the same agenda.

It wasn't that long ago Boehner said, " we ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal."

Well, taking that one step to the forward, the Speaker has looked at how many bills a governor has vetoed to mean the same thing. Stopping big government. Veto, veto, veto -- no, that's not a typo of Veni, vidi, vici -- though that is the way Boehner leads. And certainly the way Governor Chris Christie has bullied his way around his state. He doesn't care about the people of New Jersey...? With the bombastic governor of the Garden State, it's as if he's getting ready to sing an aria, "Mi-mi-mi-mi!"

veto the bill

Here's a non-complete list of Christie's veto record:

Christie vetoes gay marriage bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes bill to expand early voting in N.J.

Christie vetoes medicaid expansion bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes minimum wage increase bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes family planning bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes gun control measures in N.J.

So, with a voting record like that, and keeping in mind, these vetoes came after these bills passed both houses in the New Jersey legislature, how can Boehner not back New Jersey's "I don't give a poop" governor?