VIDEO-- Rep. Steve Chabot to Hillary Clinton: "I wish you well in your future endeavor. Mostly."


class act

Via ABC, Republican Steve Chabot from Ohio to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the House committee hearing about the attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya:

"I wish you well in your future endeavor. Mostly."

The video doesn't include the roar of laughter that erupted in the room.

I sensed a theme coming from Democrats at the hearings: Run in 2016, Hillz, run! Anyone else pick up on that? There was a reason...

Hillary was stronger and more professional today than any Republican in the room... make that both rooms. They sniped and posed, accused and grandstanded, politicized and spouted Fox talking points; I swear I heard Hannity's voice come out of a few GOP mouths. But Sec. Clinton calmly and intelligently swatted them away like the irritating House (and Senate) flies they were.

Love her or hate her, agree with her politics or disagree (And I sometimes do. She supported the Iraq War, after all.), she didn't disappoint.

As Chris Matthews said on Hardball, "If she [continues to perform] as well as she did today, look out."