Quickie- Whiny GOP senators won’t confirm Kerry until Clinton testifies on Benghazi



How may times can they resuscitate the horse? We all know who "multiple Republican senators" are. After thinking on this for a bit, it seems like the Unholy Trinity are just making a kerfluffle to keep the bullshit up. Hillary's people already said she was going to testify, so this is just grandstanding for no reason.

Republican senators will refuse to confirm Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as Secretary of State until the nation’s current top diplomat, Hillary Clinton, testifies about her handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

“The Senate is expected to take up Kerry’s nomination in early January, but multiple Republican senators have already said they won’t agree to a vote on Kerry’s nomination until Clinton testifies about the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi,” The Cable’s Josh Rogin notes.

Clinton backed out of testifying at a congressional hearing last week after fainting and suffering a concussion. She was the first cabinet-level official to acknowledge that terrorists played a role in the assault on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

  • It would be difficult to find three more Negative people in government. They're not interested in the best interests of the country, even though McCain's Mantra was "Country First" just 4 short years ago. They wish to get a leg upon attacking Hillary in advance of 2016. Everything this party does is Negative. I defy anyone to show me one positive thing from legislation they passed in the last 4 years. Voter Suppression? 1000 Anti Women Bills? Right to Work? Stand Your Ground? In addition they would repeal the ACA, Repeal Roe V Wade, decimate Medicare and Medicaid, privatize SS, Protect the 2% at all costs, tank the economy to gain the WH, spread blatant lies during a national election, hire people they know to be election cheats and send these threed useless beaurocrats to try to slander anyone this president appointed or wishes to appoint. Everything is a hostage situation with them. They care not about the Democratic process, the people or the state of the Nation, and they make us a laughing stock throughout the world.

  • Quickie- Whiny GOP senators won’t confirm Kerry until Clinton testifies on Benghazi

    Once again -- I have two words for them:

    1.  RECESS

    And, if that's a problem, I've got two more:

    1.  JOHN
    2. BOLTON

  • David G

    Does the Senate need the Republicans permission to vote on this?  Aren't there enough Democratic senators to put this through?  DG