Ted Kennedy Jr. will not run for Senate



I know a whole lot of people who are saying, "Damn!" right about now.  The Hill is reporting that Ted Kennedy's son will not be running for John Kerry's seat in Massachussetts, should Kerry be confirmed as our next Secretary of State:

Kennedy Jr. said that although he's "extremely grateful for all of the offers of support," he doesn't want to uproot his family from their current home in Connecticut, and doesn’t feel good about moving to Massachusetts to run for a seat outside of his current home state. Kennedy said he has a "strong desire" to some day seek office "at another point in my future," most likely in Connecticut.

Ted Kennedy's wife, Victoria Kennedy, has also been mentioned as a potential candidate, and so far has no comment.

According to state law, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) must appoint a temporary successor, and many believe he’ll select someone who does not intend to run for the seat in the special election.

Spokesmen for retiring Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and John Olver (D-Mass.) declined to comment when asked if they had been contacted by Duval or would consider the interim position; both seem natural temporary fits.

Ohhh pleaseohpleaseohplease choose Barney Frank. Pleeeeeease?

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  • David G

    Teddy Jr. is a Kennedy... and they understand country first.  Let's not hold him to his word today that he won't run tomorrow -- figuratively... He does have the problem that he's in another state and would have to do what Mitt Romney did -- set up phoney residence in Mass to be eligible... But Ed Markey now looks to be the candidate who will run, and Barney probably the one who'll serve in a temp position.  Of course Deval could step down and run and win for senate if he wished.  Tim Murray is Lt. Gov right now and he's a Dem so the door could be open for Deval to run.  It's been done before.  DG