Video- 60 Minutes: Eric Cantor freaks out over Reagan raising taxes


According to Steve, it starts at 10:19 if you don't want to subject yourself to the whole thing.

  • The President is Cantor's Commander in Chief?

    I wasn't aware that Cantor was an active duty member of the military.

  • Well, actually it was more his press secretary who freaked out . . .

    I wish Lesley had told Eric and his p.s. about Raygun cutting and running from the Marine Barracks Lebanon Attack . . . or how 138 Raygun admin officials were forced to resign, indicted, or convicted due to various scandals {the largest number of any presidential admin} . . . or how Raygun quadrupled the federal debt.

    Cantor and his press sec'y might've imitated Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" after hearing that . . .

  • Don't confuse him...the narrative,s already set dammit.