The Book Booth: The Watchman Edition



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The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. @SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore here, as well as a brick and mortar storefront mini-store in Hoquiam, WA at 706 Simpson Ave (Route 101 South). Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

The Book Booth: The Watchman Edition

Not the Watchmen. The Watchman, as in Go Set a Watchman. Yes, Harper Lee's novel has finally hit the bookstores. It has been anticipated for a while, with some trepidation. The first chapter was released before Tuesday's release and met with some mixed reviews and feeling, as Publishers Weekly reports.
Early Reviews of Go Set a Watchman

And, as to be expected, the sales on Tuesday were astounding.
Watchman's First Day Sales

In case you need refreshing on the controversy surrounding the book, NPR discussed the background on this podcast. You'll need to scroll to the Monday, January 13th edition.
Watchman Publishing Controversy
(scroll down to Monday, July 13th, 2015 - Hour 1)

PW also asked a number of authors for their reflections on To Kill a Mockingbird and the impact that book made on them as persons and writers.
Mockingbird's Influence on Authors

And could there be more Harper Lee books to come? CNN reported that there may be yet another novel and a non-fiction work no longer hidden in a drawer somewhere.
Still Another? Harper Lee Novel Out There?
I'm certain that there will be no forthcoming unpublished novels by Jane Austen. Well, at least I'm reasonably sure. Nevertheless, despite all the years since her novels were released, there is still much to learn about them. MentalFloss lists ten things you may not know about Pride and Prejudice here.

If you are in the mood for something different, and you enjoy short stories, you may want to check out the recommendations from Mia Alvar, whose own collection, In the Country, was recently released. Some of these I don't know, but Pam Houston is always a hoot and Bienvenido Santos's Scent of Apples is a treasure to be discovered, if you haven't already.
10 Short Story Collections You've Never Read

Everyone has a favorite summer song. I always liked Chad and Jeremy's Summer Song. And, of course, The Beach Boys, pick a song, any song. Amy Sachs posted some of her favorite books which inspired songs over at Bustle.
Summer Songs, Summer Books

Ahh, nothing like enjoying a libation while lazing about on a summers day and reading a book. Kristian Wilson suggested some drink and book pairings here.
Summer Drinks, Summer Books

Finally, we are book nerds, aren't we? Admit it. Farrah Penn at Buzzfeed has conveniently charted and Venn Diagramed what that exactly means.
What Does It Mean to be a 'Book Nerd'?

Good readings to you all this weekend. If you happen to be reading Go Set a Watchman, let us know how you like it. Or let us know about any other book you are enjoying.


Lauren Mayer: "Bernie Draws a Crowd''



Lauren Mayer is a singer/songwriter/pianist who writes comedy songs about everything from Supreme Court decisions to the Kardashians. She proudly supports leftist causes including equal pay, reproductive choice, fair minimum wage, addressing climate change, and marriage equality.
Note: Check out Lauren's CDs, including her latest, "If My Uterus Were A Gun (And Other Musical Rants From The News)" - available at "" as well as on iTunes and Amazon. Her website is She's on Twitter at @laurenscomedy
Lauren's podcasts are on IndieMediaWeekly.

From YouTube

He's inspired huge crowds, the adoration of millenials, media dismissiveness, and this musical tribute


The Book Booth: An Odds and Ends Edition



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The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. @SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore here, as well as a brick and mortar storefront mini-store in Hoquiam, WA at 706 Simpson Ave (Route 101 South). Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

The Book Booth: An Odds and Ends Edition

As you'll all notice, this weeks post is abbreviated. Yours truly had a cataract removed from his right eye earlier in the week, and this operation, while successful, cut, so to speak, into my time for finding links. But I hope you enjoy the links I did find.

The big news of the week is that Harper Lee's other novel, Go Set a Watchman is set to be released on July 14th. The first chapter has been previewed in various locales and to some mixed reviews:
Watchman Review 1
Watchman Review 2

We often look to literature for guidance in our lives. This search may not be a particularly good idea for those of us who seek advice on romance, as the folks at Bustle remind us
Terrible Advice on Love and Relationships in Literature.

Then, again, if you're house-hunting, there are some fine and elegant places that you may enjoy from literature. I took this quiz from the Reading Room and it seems I am best suited to the Burrow from the Harry Potter novels. Hmm.
What Literary Domicile Would Suit Me Best?

One shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But while browsing in the bookstore, a good cover may very well have you pick it up to peruse. And for me, I do love a good book cover design. Here are some of the best from this year as chosen by Paste Magazine.
Good Cover Designs

Over at Locus Magazine, Cory Doctorow argues that Science Fiction is not good at predicting the future, but it is great about both the past and times in which a particular book may have been written. Take a look at his illuminating essay here.
Science Fiction Predicts the Future? Wrong.

Another Jack Kerouac letter is about to be auctioned. The letter is interesting, detailing his thoughts about the novel he never finished, Spotlight, to his agent Sterling Lord. Also available is the rather classic photo Allen Ginsberg took of Kerouac, smoking a cigarette while standing on the outside staircase of an apartment. Buzzfeed has the story here.
Kerouac Letter

One of the most powerful novels of the past ten years is Don Winslow's The Power of the Dog, a novel I heartily recommend. The book describes the War on Drugs from many points of view and details the harsh realities of the Mexican drug cartels. Winslow has now written a sequel, The Cartel, which both SeattleTammy and I look forward to reading.
New Don Winslow Novel

Please enjoy another fine summer weekend with lots of reading and books. Take care of your eyes, and do let us know what books are giving you thrills.


Your Weekly Upchucks: Shocking Religion News by Author @KCBoyd3



K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck July 5, 2015

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues

  • #AttentionMustBePaid Ohio’s Attempt To ‘Regulate Abortion Out Of Existence’ Is Flying Under The Radar
  • #AttentionMustBePaid Ohio Moves to Ban Abortions After 20 weeks.
  • #WhereIsTheOutrage? Ohio is the new Texas, thanks to our Republican legislature and the born again Governor Kasich. These regulatory schemes have one purpose: to remove women’s access to safe and legal abortion.
  • #WantsToBePrez Thanks to John Kasich, Ohio now has some of most restrictive abortion laws in country.
  • #WhosReallyProLife? Abortion is 14x safer than childbirth. It could only be safer by being easier to reach.
  • #This Happened A Slew of Anti-Choice Laws Took Effect This Week


Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • #NotWhatMLKMeant Huckabee: Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Don’t ‘Have A Choice’ But To Engage In Civil Disobedience
  • #HyperbolicHate Cruz: ‘Darkest 24 Hours In Our History’ (worse than PearlHarbor)
  • #GodDontLikeRacists God don’t like ugly’: Bystanders laugh as trucks wreck during cop-sanctioned Confederate flag parade
  • #InJesusName Pastors call for stonings and warn of God’s wrathful judgment after marriage equality ruling
  • #Remembering MatthewShephard Gay couple beaten by homophobes at Seattle Pride celebration faces thousands in medical bills
  • #TheTropesComeOut Lutheran pastor says Jews to blame for destroying Christian values after US approves gay marriage
  • #GirlScoutsRising Donor Says Girl Scouts Can’t Use $100K Gift for Transgender Girls. So the organization gave the money back.
  • #MethinksHeWill Baptist pastor bans gays from his Tennessee hardware store: ‘No, I’ll never regret this
  • #ImagineAHuckabeeAmerica Huckabee Takes Same-Sex Marriage Opposition To Logical Conclusion, Condemns Love #BlameItOnTheirGod League Of The South Holds July 4th Rally For Confederate Flag And ‘Christian Marriage’

Fifty Shades Of Lies, Hypocrisy And Propaganda

  • #AboutHypocrisyStupid Bristol Palin defends herself against ‘giddy a$$holes’: ‘I meant to get pregnant — so deal with it’
  • #EspeciallyTheRepressedAndClosetedAmongHim Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality
  • #PukeyPuke Tony Perkins brazenly lies about sodomy laws to support his wild claims about gay marriage
  • #PukeyPukePuke Tony Pukins: Now That More Gays Will Be Marrying Out-Of-Wedlock Births Will Increase
  • #HyperbolicTwaddle: Mat Staver: Christians in America are just like Jews in Nazi Germany thanks to gay marriage
  • #NoSandyYoureTheThreat Sandy Rios: Gay Rainbows Increase Terrorism Threat For America
  • #ExceptionallyScary Majority of Americans say U.S. special to God
  • #FromTheManWhoStole2004 Ken Blackwell says “The War on Truth: It’s a Progressive Disease”

If Media’s The Message

  • #AndJesusWept Christian pastor says his new anti-LGBT movie was inspired after meeting nice lesbian couple
  • #IncestuousPedophiliacApologists ‘Praying For Our Nation’: Duggars Post Biblical ‘Wicked Ways’ Verse Hours After Gay Marriage Ruling
  • #BringOnTheArk Fox Host Todd Starnes: “Record-Breaking Floods Have Inundated” D.C. After Supreme Court Defied God
  • #IncestIsBest Duggar Family Hypocrites: Gays -Not Pedophiles- Must Change Their ‘Wicked Ways’ If They Want To Go To Heaven
  • #OrwellianIndeed Asking Hate Groups About Marriage Equality Isn’t Balance, It’s Bad Journalism
  • #RoundAndRoundWeGo Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Starts New Religious Freedom War
  • #NoMoreWishingOnAStar Glenn Beck floats the possibility of boycotting Disney for making a movie about … Charles Darwin
  • #BryBrySpinsOut Christian radio host Bryan Fischer has mental breakdown on Twitter over same-sex marriage ruling
  • #DoocyDoozie Ten Commandments are in courthouses because it’s ‘where our laws came from’
  • #MethinkHeDothProtestPedophiliaTooMuch Matt Staver: Kindergartners Will Be Forced Into Same-Sex Relationships Following Supreme Court Marriage Decision
  • #IsisTrumpsGayness Conservative columnist says dangers of same-sex marriage are far worse than the threats from ISIS
  • #TheDayTheTruthDied Texas’ Omnibus Anti-Abortion Law #HB2 Is Based on False Claims. Why Won’t More Reports Say That?

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • #GodsCEO Pastor John Hagee tells God: Punish America for same-sex marriage or ‘apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah’
  • #MustaReadItInTheBible Robert Jeffress: Supreme Court decision, White House rainbow lights are signs of the End Times
  • #HieTheeGoneJohn Christians United for Israel comes to Britain – Here’s one Jew that’s less than thrilled
  • #FaustianBargain “The reason why John Hagee doesn’t need to talk about converting Jews is that there’s no reason to rush these things. The End Times will take care of all that.”


  • #FemaleDog? Idaho county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage
  • #TheBuckeyeBoot You’re Gay, you’re fired and yes, it’s legal in Ohio
  • #SouthernManDontForgetWhatYourGoodBookSays An East Tennessee business owner just put a “No Gays Allowed” sign in his store window
  • #PsstYourSonIsGay Phyllis Schlafly demands Congress pass a resolution affirming the dignity of straight people
  • JimBakkerOnMorals Jim Bakker: Supreme Court Ruling Bringing ‘Abandonment Wrath’ on Nation
  • #ItsTheLawStupids America Bless God’: Texas officials protest Supreme Court decision by refusing to marry anyone
  • #HeBeingTheWicked Alabama Supreme Court Lawyer Calls Upon Judges to Punish the Wicked and Protect the Righteous
  • #Arriverderci ‘For the glory of God’: Entire staff in Tenn. county clerk’s office resigns over same-sex marriage

Politics Nation

  • #NotGonnaHappen I get to do what I want: Huckabee vows to replace White House rainbow lights with nativity
  • #CruzingTowardObscurity Cruz: Clerks Should be Able to Opt Out of Gay Marriage Licenses
  • #BayouBarf Bobby Jindal Demands Defunding the Supreme Court. GOP is All America Needs
  • #FrothyFoam Frothy Says We Need to Fight Gay Issues More Than Global Warming
  • #PerishTheConstitution Huckajesus : Conservatives can ignore gay marriage ruling like Lincoln ignored Dred Scott
  • #UmWhat? Bobby Jindal: Gay marriage isn’t like interracial marriage because Christians aren’t ‘racist’
  • #PanderFestContinues Rand Paul’s ‘libertarian’ compromise on marriage equality mirrors RW Xtian talking points
  • #KeepOnSpewing Rick Santorum Claims That, Compared To Gay Marriage, Skin Cancer Is A Blessing For Americans
  • #ReligiousBlinders So Ted Cruz Thinks Religion Had Nothing To Do With Interracial Marriage Bans?
  • #HesTwignorant ‘Did Jesus ride dinosaurs?’ : Bobby Jindal’s Twitter Q&A hilariously backfires
  • #ButNotFromDuggars Huckajesus vows to protect anti-gays from “discrimination,” prosecute acts against “religious liberty” as hate crimes
  • #ThinksWe’reAChristianNation More Huckajesus: The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being, and the Court can no more repeal the laws of nature and nature’s God on marriage than they can the laws of gravity.
  • #KeepsHimUpAtNight Tom Tancredo is worried gay marriage will end his freedom to bash Islam & love the Confederacy

Religion Gone Bad Gone Mad

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • #FatLadyNotFinished Gay Couples Celebrating Today Could Be Fired Monday for Being Gay
  • #BadJesusIsShowing Huckabee Totally Loses It (Because Huckabee totally LOST it)
  • #JustWhenWeWereLookingForwardToAGoodBurning Texas pastor walks back promise of self-immolation.
  • #AlwaysEverAboutPower Evangelical “Sexual Purity” Is Not About Sex—It’s About Power
  • #SmilinPastorNotSoSmiley Joel Osteen’s armed guards shut down hecklers protesting his prosperity gospel
  • #GotThatWrongBub GOP Rep: Gay marriage ruling “offensive” to Civil War dead who fought for “a Christian lifestyle”
  • #BetterCallHalliburton Why the Christian Right Is Going to War (with Itself)
  • #GoAwayAndLiveInFundieIgnorance Will Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sect Be Able To Accept US $10 Bills If A Woman’s Face Is On Them?
  • #MethinksHesGettingOff Creepy megachurch pastor prays the gay away’: ‘Somebody fondled you, somebody raped you’
  • #AWeeksNotAWeekWithoutAWordFromPat Pat Robertson Claims Gays Deliberately Spread AIDS Using Sharp Jewelry

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • #LeesRevenge Senator Mike Lee, along with House co-sponsor, Raul Labrador, introduces a bill preventing any agency from denying a federal tax exemption, grant, contract, accreditation, license, or certification to an individual or institution for acting on their religious belief that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.
  • #YeahRight Senator James Inhofe: My Gay Friends Think Court Ruling Was Bad
  • #TheLiesTheySpew Tea Party Caucus Chair Tim Huelskamp: Left Wants Churches, Non-Profits, Schools To Accept Polygamy
  • #ThisIsOurCongress House Passes Bill that Prohibits Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA
  • #WherePanderfestBegins Nine Iowa lawmakers think same-sex marriage violates the separation of church and state


  • #Boom! Non-family sex abuse victim to file lawsuit against Josh Duggar
  • #CanHardlyWait Josh Duggar Molestation Civil Lawsuits Will Shed a Light on Duggar Family Values
  • #UnderTheVeilOfOrthodoxy Orthodox Rabbi Accused of Rape Arrested Fleeing Israel, His Identity Under Police Gag Order
  • #Pedophiles4Huck Huckabee defends calling Jay Z a ‘pimp’ — but says ‘nothing is unforgivable’ for Josh Duggar

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • #SayWhat?Fox’s Robert Jeffress Claims Marriage Decision Was Greatest “Blunder” In Supreme Court History
  • #TheresAJailCellForFolksLikeThis Alabama Supreme Court Order Does Not Allow Judges To Refuse Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples
  • #MooreUpchuck Roy Moore’s Lawyer Demands Alabama Defy ‘Wicked’ SCOTUS Ruling, Choose ‘God Or Satan’
  • #ItsTheLawStupids At least 22 Alabama counties will not issue same-sex marriage licenses
  • #AhButTheyCanAndWIll Ken Ham’s attorney tells judge Kentucky can’t take away tourism tax incentive to build Noah’s ark

Theocracy Rising

  • #SidlingUpToPower Inside Story of Hobby Lobby’s New Bible Museum on the National Mall
  • #BewareAChristianNation How the Religious Right Is Turning Pastors into Politicians