Video- Thomas Roberts EPIC Takedown of RNC's Reince Priebus On Shutdown


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The man is just slime. Condescension wrapped up in talking points, then attached to a strong man and dipped in sarcasm. You can tell Priebus wants to get nasty and has a hard time restraining himself. HUGE congrats to Thomas for sticking to the point and keeping his sense of humor.

  • I write and tweet about that all the time.

  • DeadMouseSqueak

    Has anyone pointed out that states like Georgia stayed red because of gerrymandering? That is how they maintained control that last election cycle?

  • Linda called us names. Waaaah! Now I can't go on! I just... CAN'T... GO ON!!

  • Paddy

    You can taunt us because you know you're safe. No brains for us to eat.

  • Linda Thompson

    You people are unreal....Obama Zombies!

  • GreatLakeSailor

    I thought the question about the situation being reversed - Dems attaching gun legislation to a CR with a Repub Pres - was particularly poignant. Rinse Prewash dodged that one like a Tea-Type running from facts.

  • Steel Cowboy

    They continue to try to blame this president who bent over backwards, trying to reach compromise. He's obviously done dealing with these children who,continually, take the economy hostage for totally unrelated things they want. They have tried to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 40 times and now want him to delay it's benefits for a year and won't vote a clean bill. We need a clean up or down vote. The Debt Ceiling is a matter of housecleaning and can be passed in 5 minutes.

  • Josh Williams

    Obama negotiated with the Republicans over the sequester and gave them plenty of what they wanted. He has realized their greed knows no ends and sees that "negotiating" with them just means giving things away. They are not adults and they are not reasonable.

    Very telling that when faced with real, good questions Priebus thinks he is looking at Talking Points. No, that's reality. Unfortunately Republicans, both the politicians and the voters--simply live in a very far-off, alternate reality right now. This is why they are shutting down the government--the world is moving forward and they are unwilling to accept it. They will continue to throw this tantrum until the American people literally boot them out of office.

  • Paddy

    Priebus, Blackburn and Cantor just have to speak one word and my ears bleed.

  • MarieB

    It's always opposite day in republican land. Everything Priebus said pertains to what the republicans are doing. I couldn't even listen to the entire tape.

  • bradbergstrom

    Woops! I just put my fist through my monitor, right through that whiny little pipsqueak's face.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Thank you Thomas Roberts!
    Now....more of that from the MSM please because we really need to cut through the rightwing horsepucky.