Sen. Tom Harkin: GOP senator from southern state called Pres. Obama “exotic” during closed-door meeting


la cucaracha racism obamaVia Lalo Alcaraz

Senator Tom Harkin has been busy lately. Earlier I posted: Iowa woman breaks down in tears at Harkin event supporting expansion of Social Security. Then he told the Des Moines Register that a GOP senator from a southern state referred to President Obama as "exotic" during a closed-door bipartisan meeting when they were trying to avoid more gridlock over changes to filibuster rules regarding executive branch nominees.

"Exotic," he said.

"Doesn't share our values," he said.

"My people," he said.

President Obama will forever be "the other" to small-minded ignorami.

I'm surprised he didn't call him "That one" and "darky." I'm sure "his people" have.

Via Roll Call:

“I’m not naming any names, but one senator got up from a southern state and said, ‘Well, you’ve got to understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like he’s exotic,’” the Iowa Democrat said. “That he’s just exotic, he doesn’t share our values.” [...]

Asked whether there were other periods in American history with partisan polarization like what Washington’s currently experiencing, Harkin said, “Sure – the Civil War,” the Register reported.

His "Civil War" reference couldn't have been more apt.

  • PatrickInBeijing

    Come on Tom, tell us his name. Or else the senator in question should man up and own his words. But he won't. Racists are all cowards.

  • sammescalito

    Guns, God and Greed. Those are Republican values.

  • Willard D Russell

    The best thing you can say about a person is that they don't share republican values.

  • Bill Short

    The Republican "Brand," is fading so fast, its as if they are trying to beat the demise of the Luddites. They have failed miserably at all of their supposed core values, except to continually support the most extremist elements of their corporate and biziilionaire paymasters.

  • MaryJane Mccarthy James

    From day 1 the extreme haters have lost their minds over Obama daring to live in 'their white house". The went insane when he was reelected. The best is their belief that "Acorn" a group defunded 3 years ago was the reason he won in 12. It is really hard to imagine how clueless and racist some people are.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    They did the same thing to Harold Ford: "Call me, Harold."

  • judi

    I am just DISGUSTED with the actions of people in my state ....TN...who know better. These are the same people who stress manners, Bibles, decorum, social etiquette, and all that stuff. And then turn around at spit racist crap and think nothing of it. Christian, my butt!!!

  • dominickJ

    This President has had the Least respect from our elected officials especially Republicans, that transcends to their constituents, JUST because of his skin color!! SHAME On them all they are are disgusting racists!!!