The shameless hypocrisy of Justice Antonin Scalia in one sentence


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Justice Scalia's hypocrisy is astounding. This time he only needed one measly sentence to (once again) make a mockery of his own SCOTUSitude. So much for judicial wisdom and sound judgment.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

As usual, Scalia had the most fiery dissent. He slammed the majority for "invalidating this democratically adopted legislation," referring to the Defense of Marriage Act. "That is jaw dropping. It is an assertion of judicial supremacy over the people's representatives in Congress and the Executive," he said, a day after he had joined a 5-4 majority to strike down a key part of the Voting Rights Act.

Does he have no self-awareness? None? At all?

I see hypocrites

  • Patti Kintz

    I have never understood why some people think so highly of him. He is very partisan and very inconsistent. And also very racist and homophobic. Partisan political hack.

  • Buffalo Soldier

    SCJ Antonin Scalia rivals SCJ Clarence Thomas as running fodder for late night comedy laughs. The faux pas intellectual rigor with which he claims to "divine the original intent of the framers", of our 200 year-old founding documents, is itself a travesty of reason and misplaced purpose, evidenced regularly by his dismissal of judicial precedent. This modus operandi flies in the face of his and Thomas's vow when nominated, against being of an "active judiciary" that would overturn precedent and settled law from the Supreme Court bench. It would be hilarious were it not so tragically flawed at the expense of so many Americans who have developed a respect and near reverence for the majesty of our Constitution's very real capacity for reflection and self-correction through jurisprudence, advancing American progress, by avoiding just such clumsy caprice.