VIDEO-- GOP Sen. John Cornyn's idea of immigration reform: Disney World and exploitation of immigrant deaths


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Aww, look at that. See how pensive and deep and somber Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) is in the video?  He gets that way around graves of undocumented immigrants marked with bouquets of pretty flowers. What a guy. He sure cares. So-o-o much. So very much.

Why, he feels so sad and compassionate that he's blocking immigration reform! As Think Progress notes, that would be the same reform that would "effectively prevent more senseless border deaths from occurring. Migrants often have to rely on smugglers who leave them to die in the desert."

It must just be his quirky little way of helping to reinvent the GOP in order to prove their Very Serious Outreach Effort (scroll).

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If you think that video is bad, wait until you hear this, as reported by Think Progress. Cornyn actually compared U.S. border security to-- wait for it-- Disney World:

CORNYN: My conversations with Senator Rubio, he happened to share with me that Disney World uses a biometric system to ensure people do not commit ticket fraud. If they are that easy, affordable and good enough for the Magic Kingdom, they ought to be good enough for the United States. Senator Sessions’ amendment would guarantee they would not be eligible for lawful citizenship until there is a biometric entry/exit system.

No he's not kidding.

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