VIDEO: Within one minute, John Boehner flip-flops on the sequester's impact on the economy


boehner meet the press

On Meet the Press today, John Boehner did an about-face on whether or not the sequester will have an impact on the U.S. economy, and he managed to do that within a one minute span.

Not only did he present his usual spin, but he also made our heads spin.

David Gregory asked him:

"Is this gonna hurt the economy? Will it hurt economic recovery?"

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Boehner's response, at about :31...

"I don't know whether it's gonna hurt the economy or not."

... vs. Boehner, about one minute later, when David Gregory said:

"You called the sequester dangerous and it quote "threatens U.S. national security." Did you exaggerate?"

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... to which Boehner replied, at about 1:25...

"I am concerned about its impact on our economy..."

He must be trying to compete with Mitt and Ann Romney's comical interviews on "Fox News Sunday."

Maybe Willard and The Boehner should challenge each other to a flip-flop-off. And if that doesn't appeal to them, how about a nice game of Kick the Hypocrisy Down the Road?


  • It's most difficult for an accomplished liar to keep track of his rhetoric. This man asked the Senate to get off it's Ass and do it's job knowing full well that it's the congress job to write the legislation, they control the money, and to add salt in the wound, he knew McConnell was going to kill the vote on it. A more useless Speaker had not been born yet. Boehner has no ethics, no backbone, can't control his caucus, wants the president and the Senate to do his job, and then snip from the sidelines without ever putting forward a better idea.
    Hid party of Big Ideas is destined to whither on the vine, they offer nothing to no one, continue to destroy the rights of citizens wherever they have the power. Union Busting, Over 1000 Anti Women Bills, Blocked the Dream Act, The American Jobs Act, Equal Pay for Women Act, Disabilities Treaty, Disaster Aid, Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering. Someone show me something positive this party has done for America. I know what it has done to America. It wants to "Take The Country Back", literally, take it back to before Roe v Wade, take it back to before the Voting Rights Act, Block raising minimum wage, pass Right to Work For Less bills, taking us back to Lords and Serfs.
    They do nothing but damage, preach bigotry and hate, discriminate against people of color whether they are immigrants or not, divide the country with their conspiracy theories about Obama's Black Army coming to raid their houses and get their guns. Not one GOP leader has stood up and taken a stand against this kind of rhetoric or for what is right and just. They are only concerned about their own paycheck, contacts who make them rich and donors who lie for them on TV ads.