Something Stinks -- Oh Yeah, it's Congress


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Today’s guest post is by our pal and regular TPC contributor, David Garber.

Something Stinks -- Oh Yeah, it's Congress

Sequestration. The big afterthought proposed as nothing more than a gimmick a few years back and now the Republican House governance is trying to enforce it. It's kind of like making a bet, then welshing on it and asking a court to rule in your favor. Gambling debts are unenforceable. And isn't that really what this latest game called sequestration is all about -- a lost bet? Kind of "Kick the Can" which became kick and miss and finally kick my ass.

So why not stop playing games, stop all the nonsense and go back to work? If this whole charade was meant to be taken seriously, then why is it the Budget Control Act of 2011 so filled with gimmicks. And now these same party leaders who put this BS into effect are trying to play more games with it. Don't they know that playing with feces makes you stink?

And here's the irony: one of the few exemptions from sequestration is Congressional salaries... Did you know that? Their pay is sacrosanct. It can't be touched -- but hundreds of thousands of tax payers may lose their jobs or be work furloughed with no such protections. Which elected official wants to handle the question of how that got written into the budget control act?

Maybe the stench of Congress will finally get the Fabreeze treatment and go away peacefully -- but if not, the people who will be paying off the Republican and Democrats lost bet with their jobs and social safety nets will remember this come 2014 -- when we band together to "Dump the Chump" and start with a clean slate of legislators. Crap on me once, shame on you. Crap on me twice and ... well, leave it to "Dump the Chump." As the umpire in a ball game would say on a player's ejection, "You're outta here!"

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  • Well, President Obama could just veto it, you know. Oh wait, HE ALREADY SIGNED IT INTO LAW. Well, isn't that embarrasing. Here he is ranting about Republicans causing the financial death of the US government and how "there's nothing I can do," when it would not be happening if HE HAD NOT SIGNED IT INTO LAW. What he is doing, of course is trying to get Congress to pass a different law to replace this one, which was PASSED BY A DEMOCRATIC SENATE, and which HE HIMSELF SIGNED INTO LAW.  I know I'm being redundant with all this shouting, but everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room.

    Yes, the law he signed had something he wanted, it raised the debt ceiling, but did he just not read the part that he didn't want to read? He got the debt ceiling increase, and now he doesn't want to pay the price. I thought at the time it was a bad deal and that it would come back to bite us in the behind, but everyone was so convinced of Obama's brilliance and awesome strategic thinking ability that they were sure he would have found a way around this before it took effect. Well, he didn't and here we are.

    But it wasn't just the Republicans who put us here. They just refused to bail Obama out of the deal he made. He should not have agreed to it in the first place.