Video- Lawrence O'Donnell Eviscerates Gun Hugger Gayle Trotter


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RWNJ's piece starts at 9:00 in.

  • bpollen

    I like Lawrence and I think he nailed her to the wall.  I also agree that she is a paid shill (or maybe beard?) for somebody.  I just think that shouting down your opponent is way too "Fox News 'Skool of Jernelism'"

  • Andy Marquis

    Lawrence is like a pit bull... and she didn't throw a bone at him, she threw a full sirloin. 

  • Andy Marquis

    LOD did a good job exposing her for what she is.  This was a classic.

  • If you have a gun for protection I imagine you are suppose to carry it around with you all the time i.e. grocery store, watching tv with your family.  They say it is suppose to be unloaded and locked up but if someone breaks into your house how are you going to get it out of the safe, load it and then shoot with a shaking hand.  

  • David G

    Give Lawrence a fresh, meaty bone and he's gonna chew the hell out of it... as he did here... DG

  • Andy Marquis

    An assault rifle couldn't protect Gayle Trotter from that verbal asskicking she got from LOD.

  • Andy Marquis

    WOW! Lawrence mauled her.

  • majii

    Gayle Trotter is slicker than a greased pig at a Fall carnival.  She weaseled out of answering every question LO asked her.  It is obvious to me that she is probably a paid rep for gun manufacturers, because whenever she was pushed to answer LO's questions, she resorted to her talking points. 
    When he asked her about a womans right to choose, she pivoted to saying she believes in a woman's right to choose to defend herself.  I found it very strange that she avoided answering this question.  Usually, staunch pro-lifers never miss an opportunity to brag about the "sanctity of life" (as they see it.) She's no independent woman, she's a paid RW lobbyist of some sort.  No one who wants to be taken seriously runs an organization that is comprised of only 1,000 names on a mailing list.  If it smells like fish, and tastes like fish, it's fish.

  • lillibird

    Another dingbat women crawling out of the woodwork, where in the heck do they find these Sarah Palin types??  Reminds me of Palin and her death panels BS.