Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe opposes Republican nominee Chuck Hagel because he's... Republican.


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In an interview with WABC's Aaron Klein, Republican Senator James Inhofe voiced his opposition to Chuck Hagel as President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense. Why is he so against a fellow Republican? Well, duh! Because Hagel's a fellow Republican.

If that's not typical GOP "logic" I don't know what is.

Via BuzzFeed:

"I like Chuck Hagel ..." Inhofe said. "But philosophically he is right along with Obama and I can see Obama saying, 'Well here is a conservative Republican former senator who agrees with me on all this so this is bipartisan.' Well I don't want that label of bipartisanship to follow on all of his policy toward North Korea, Syria, Iran and even Egypt. So I am very much concerned about giving him that added impetus to do the things that I think are destroying America."

So bipartisanship-- Obama wanting to work with a Republican, nominating a Republican to a position of power-- would destroy America. Got it.

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