Doonesbury: Elizabeth Warren "wants to bust up big banks, end corporate welfare, cram regulatory reform down their throats"


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Garry Trudeau has a secret crush on Elizabeth Warren. I just know it.

  • I have followed her since GWB appointed her to TARP.  At first I figured she was just another Corporate Stooge, since why else would GWB choose her?  Then I heard her speak about Wall Street Greed and realized GWB made a mistake. A huge mistake.  Elizabeth Warren was anathema to the mutual-hand-in-pocket Wall Street-J Street-Pennsylvania Avenue Collusion Club.

    Then Obama came into Office and she ran into a Steel Wall when he chose her as the head of the new CPFB.  When I heard the first time she was running for the Senate, I knew she'd win.  She has the chance to be President someday, maybe the first.  I'm going out on the limb.  Why?

    I heard Elizabeth Warren compared against lots of people.  Her clear, no-nonsense words put the RW Media Circus to shame.  She made Scott Brown look like a pettish, bragging light-weight, which he is. Sarah Palin dare not evoke comparison against Elizabeth Warren because only her shriek will survive it.  Nobody in the #GOP compares with her, but do you know who she does compare well to?  Barack Obama.

    All due respect to Hillary, and she deserves that respect, but I think we're more likely to have a President Warren in our future.

  • CanadaGoose

    Jeez, not much of a secret!