VIDEO: "Dick Armey agreed to quit FreedomWorks in exchange for -- $8 million. Holy grassroots, Batman!"


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The Armey of Dick is marching away from FreedomWorks for a mere $8 million. People power!

Rachel Maddow:

"Dick Armey agreed to quit freedom works in exchange for -- $8 million. Holy grassroots, Batman! It was worth $8 million to FreedomWorks to make Dick Armey go away."

"For Mr. Armey's part he says that, really, his departure from FreedomWorks was just a matter of principle. That was the quote from him. "My differences with FreedomWorks are a matter of principle." Which means on the $8 million check that you write to me, please put "principle" in the memo line. Because that's why I'm leaving. Principle."

"Why would anybody think the tea party movement is in disarray..."

"The right seems to be imploding since the election, which we expected. It turns out, though, that the unexpected thing is that the implosion will happen very, very slowly. Day by day by day with new acrimonious details dripping out in every news cycle."