The tea party's (persistent) willful blindness


The Wall Street Journal site is subscription only, which means I can't access the following article, so Taegan's excerpt is all we get:

Wall Street Journal: "The tea-party movement is trying to regroup after taking some licks in this month's elections. Several groups already are setting their sights on 2014 congressional races, in which they plan to promote their preferred candidates and hope to weed out Republicans they consider insufficiently conservative."

"Many tea-party activists say they remain dumbfounded by the Nov. 6 defeat of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and favored GOP candidates for the Senate, and opinions are swirling over how the movement should push forward."

First, what part of Election 2012 didn't they understand? President Obama was handily elected, and the Democrats gained seats in the House and the Senate. In fact, had it not been for Republican gerrymandering, they would have done even better; Democratic candidates across the U.S. received more total votes than Republican candidates did.

More Americans voted to support the Democratic agenda, including being in favor of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. “An increasing number of prominent Republicans are dismissing Grover Norquist as a pest” and his majority in Congress is all but gone.

So of course, the tea party in all their wisdom wants to dump "insufficiently conservative" candidates in favor of what? More Allen Wests and Todd Akinseseses? What could possibly go wrong?

As for their dumbfounditude over Romney's defeat, maybe if they'd taken their Fox blinders off for two seconds, they'd have seen what was really going on in real polls and less biased news, and what an abysmally poor candidate Mitt was.

Or do they not consider themselves any part of that 47% of America that their party disdains so much?

Knock yourselves out, tea baggers. Enjoy your bubble.

  • We should encourage them. Quoth the Joker: "Insanity, as you know, is like gravity; all it needs is a little push".

  • Mike Conley

    Dumbfounded... I love compound words.

  •  Thank you!

  • To access WSJ stories without subscribing, just search for the title on Google and follow the link from Google. You'll get right in.

  • Oh yes. Yes. My bad.

  • majii

    Now, GottaLaff, we both know that, according to the tea partiers, the reason Romney lost was because he wasn't conservative enough, and that the TP solution is to nominate more severely conservative politicians.

  • "“Many tea-party activists say they remain dumb"

    And that's all that really needs to be said . . .