Chart: Ruh-roh! Red state socialism alert!



There it is, in black and white, red and blue. Takers and makers, moochers and givers, socialists and ...

Wait. Just. A minute.

Oh my GOD! Look at that chart! What's become of this country of ours?!  The Red State Socialists are winning! The Takers are Taking! Taking OVER, that is! Hide the kids! Everybody panic!


Or, just get a grip and realize that the government is there to represent us (aka elections), protect us, keep us safe, help us, and even provide opportunity. It's about time those on takers the right accept reality, take a hard look at facts, breathe deeply, and reset.

  • I know... they're labeled as such in the graphic itself. It's all I was sent.

  • Great chart, but I think we need an updated version. New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and debatably Florida are not red states anymore. Are the numbers from 2004 as well, or are they more up to date?

  • Laura Deal

    Thanks...I missed the fine print. I didn't see that the data is 7 and 8 years old. It makes me wonder how this shakes out for more recent years.

  • Read the fine print... this is from a few years ago. : )

  • skippy

    and new mexico also is blue...not to spoil your thesis, but it did help obama get those electoral votes!!

  • Laura Deal

    Colorado should be blue there--we voted for Obama, and voted in Democratic majorities in both houses of the legislature, and we have a Democrat as governor.

  • The add the educated/uneducated states chart and see the same red states that are takers above are not educated as well and vote for Rmoney