VIDEO: CPAC 13-year-old star speaker is now 17... and no longer conservative


Remember this kid? Jonathan Krohn? He was the kinda creepy super-smart, very conservative, teleprompter-mocking wunderkind speaker at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference):

Look who's all grown up and not a conservative anymore. His voice isn't the only thing that's changing:


“I think it was naive,” Krohn now says of the speech. “It’s a 13-year-old kid saying stuff that he had heard for a long time.… I live in Georgia. We’re inundated with conservative talk in Georgia.… The speech was something that a 13-year-old does. You haven’t formed all your opinions. You’re really defeating yourself if you think you have all of your ideas in your head when you were 12 or 13. It’s impossible. You haven’t done enough.”

He claims he's not a liberal, but he says he's for the Affordable Care Act and gay marriage and would probably vote for President Obama. He loves “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report,” The New Yorker magazine, and will be attending-- wait for it-- New York University where he'll study philosophy and film making and write political satire.

Krohn also maintains that he's not a libertarian or a Ron Pauler, asserting that they have "extreme ideas," but also thinks Van Jones is on the "far far left."

I have to explain to people over and over and over again that I’m not a conservative and I have my own ideas and I’m not just agreeing to everything that every conservative said. It’s very hard to break a stereotype like that of yourself.”

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