Video- Bill Maher: What Exactly Has Obama Done That Has Made Conservatives So Angry?


  • Seattlephoenix

    The lesser of two evils is still evil.

  • labman57

    When Obama began his first term as POTUS, he strongly believed in finding common ground and compromise that accommodate points of view of all interested parties, ultimately resulting in positive progress being made.  In other words, he was a pragmatist.

    Alas, his pragmatic world view ran smack into the dogmatic extremism of the tea party fanatics, socially conservative religious zealots, and mainstream conservatives who are eager to exploit every opportunity to undermine any successes by the Obama administration ... even at the detriment of the security and welfare of the vast majority of Americans.

    So now he is asserting his political ideology more strongly, and conservatives are crying foul.  How dare the POTUS push forth policies -- such as accessible and affordable preventative health care for women, gay rights, investment banking industry reform, alternative energy research, increasing taxation rates of the wealthiest Americans, etc. -- that conflict with the political agenda of conservative politicians and tea party pundits!

  •  Actually, that's not correct, re: Dems could've done anything they
    wanted. The Republicans filibustered (BLOCKED, which is a lot, and all
    bad) at every turn. But more importantly, Blue Dog Dems don't vote
    Democratic, they sided with the GOP. They are not real Dems at all.

    That old talking point is defunct and debunked.  Had Dems been able to
    do as they wanted, we'd have a public option or even single payer health
    care. In fact, if that were true... well, just watch this clip, it
    tells you exactly what would have been done:

    Nice try, though.

  • Pyroputterouter

    The Republicans have controled 1/3 of the branches for less than half of Obama's term. Not a lot they can do good or bad. The Dems had control of all three for the first half of his term, and still have 2 out of 3. If the Dems wanted to do something positive, the could've have done anything they wanted. Thank God the train wreck as at least been slowed down. Hopefully, in November it can be stopped and reversed, before it's too late.

  • papa4444

    Hey there sunshine.  Go get a brain, then read the Constitution.  It's a pretty cool document that details what various branches of the government can and can't do.  Guess who deals with the money!  Congress!  If the Republican Congress, you know, those right-wing reactionary whining idiots, wanted to work on balancing the budget they would.  But they'd rather have the issue so they can convince small-minded idiots like you to vote for them.

  • Judipowell

    This is absolutely the most misguided and untruthful post on here, But that's your point I' m sure: to spread more RW misinformation and hate.

  • Mary Franz

    Couldn't have said it better.  My sentiments exactly!

  • r_dale

    You mean besides being, you know blacketyblackblackblack?  Can't think of a thing.

  • Where is your evidence of Maher's racism? There is, in fact, some evidence of conservative racism:
    And it's useful to know that President Obama shouldn't be arresting anyone. Local police do that, unless, of course, you think Officer Obama is the chief of the U.S. police department (which doesn't exist).

    And there's this thing called Freedom to Peacefully Assemble:
    The Occupy protesters have a constitutional right to that.

    By the way, about that deficit:

  • and what has he done to make the conservatives hate him? you ve answered your own question, nothing! He has done NOTHING, and that is what we need changed.

  • Bill Maher is the biggest racist hater out there, he offers no solutions, just likes to sit back and offend, if your not a part of the solution, you are the problem

  • President Obama has now given us a 16 trillion dollar deficit, does not arrest Wall Street occupiers, but does arrest Notre Dame priests for protesting his undeserved "honorary" degree which Notre Dame will take back. Anyone who wastes their time and breath, like Bill Maher, claiming the conservative movements are based on racism needs an education, a life and a good long hard look in their own mirror.

  • It's not that the Conservatives are racist, of course, absolutely not. It's just that they think Obama is a little too uppity and needs to know his place.

  • This is hilarious, and so, so, so, so true!!!!

  • Maher just killed every rwnj argument in 1 sitting! and there ain't a damn thing they can do about it! take that haters! that's what you get for being an a-hole, when ALL of your arguments are based in HATE, you just got your sorry but kicked in fool , what you got!? oh yeah, nuthin

  • Thanks for posting cable, no dish. If only all of us had such a gift of synopsis.

  • HarborGuy


    He's not white.