West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin may not vote for President Obama


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According to a report in National Journal, Senator Joe Manchin may not vote for President Obama in November, because he says he wants to do what's good for his state.

With Dems like these, who needs Republicans?

(CNN) –The former West Virginia governor is known for bucking not only the opposition party, but his own – even literally shooting a rifle through a Democratic-backed cap and trade bill in his 2010 Senate campaign.

That race was a special election to fill the seat of the late Sen. Robert Byrd, and Manchin's support from Republicans and Independents was key to his 11-point defeat of former state GOP chair John Raese.

Manchin was one of about a dozen Democrats to side in a March vote with Republicans on the Keystone XL pipeline. He voted against both parties' bills to raise the federal government's debt ceiling in the heated showdown last summer.

This is exactly the type of ConservaDem we need to replace with a true liberal. This is also exactly why Obama supporters can't afford to be complacent about an easy win for the president. Between DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) like Manchin, voter suppression (including Voter I.D. laws), super PAC money flowing into GOP races, and hatred of President Obama, this election is going to be a real challenge.

We need to get out the vote in a huge way and support progressives from the ground up, electing them into school boards, city councils, state legislatures, and of course, national office. It's time for us to create real change.

  • The GOP is not good for ANY state. We are ALL better of with Progressive policies, and if the GOP can't contribute constructively to the debate, we don't need them in office. And if  Manchin can't support President Obama, he should leave the Democratic caucus.

  • r_dale

    I just got a message from Utah's Jim Matheson, one of the worst of the blue dog conservadems.  He's getting desperate because the repuke-dominated Utah legislature gerry-mandered him out of his Salt Lake City district and it's not looking good for the fall.  He was bragging in the message about how he was on top of the GSA scandal, blah blah, and how outraged he was...this after voting for all of King George's wars and budgets and the Patriot Act and all of it.  Then he says he voted for some new thing that requires hunting and fishing in government lands, and for the Small Business/Big Lawyer tax cut.  I haven't voted for Matheson for a long time, he has a constituency of exactly one: himself.  Talk about your weasels!  This is the Intermountain variety. Good riddance if he loses; as someone on the SLTRIB message board said, might as well have a true repube that you can trust to be a right wing tool than someone who claims to be a Democrat but constantly disappoints.

  • "Senator Joe Manchin may not vote for President Obama in November, because he says he wants to do what’s good for his  –redneck teabagging constituents–  –PAC– state."

  • majii

    IMHO, Manchin's problem is that his main reason for being a politician isn't to serve the public but to advance his own career.   A politician who is interested in public service would be compelled to vote in the public's interest and not avoid making tough decisions.  He's a weasel. 

  • Syldrewjones

    Not every Dem is a true Dem. Manchin showed who he really was during his Senate run and got elected anyway. We have to really examine voting records and position statements to avoid looking like chumps in the future.

  • HarborGuy

    Time for DINO Joe to go!

    I am SO sick of these spineless, money/power grubbing types.