VIDEO- Mitch McConnell: ANY employer should be able to deny birth control


Via Raw Story:

According to the National Women’s Law Center, Blunt’s amendment (PDF) actually goes a lot farther than contraception, creating a loophole that allows any employer to exclude any health service.

“For example, any corporation whose CEO opposes contraception based on his ‘moral convictions’ could deny all coverage of contraception or any other service to the company’s employees,” the center observed. “Even more disturbing, a CEO’s view of ‘morality’ could potentially include concern for the cost of a particular benefit. Such broad, undefined refusals (without any protections for the insured) would result in millions of individuals losing vital health service coverage.”

Hey Mitch, give this excellent piece a look-see, okay?

In fact, anyone reading this post, please do the same. Cousinavi says it all, with oomph.

By the way, Mr. Schieffer, you failed to bring up this poll.