Chart: Tea party vs. Occupy Wall Street


This chart just popped up on Twitter and I had to share:

H/t: @LasVegasJessica

  • cyndi

    1. The only ridiculing done by the media was in using actual you tube and facts about the OWS, but the tea party involved tens of thousands at times they merely said hundreds attended (if any) and called them terrorists. Advertising was due to needing to plan if something is to be done following all the regulations.
    2. The poor and sick were not mocked by the tea party, and those fed by the OWS was because they couldn't succeed when tried to prevent homeless from joining (and even admitted that longer 'parks' were devolving into 2 tieres.
    3. Interpreted as racist when questioned progressive policy- yet the same questions were 'interpreted' as fine if done by OWS (even if anti-semetic). $100,000 has been offerred to anyone with proof of of such namecalling by tea partiers (and much proof of progressives coming to parties to yell racist... things to blame the teapartiers of saying). 
    4. Both are funded by many, one has Koch and the other has unions and Soros.
    5. There were permits for the rare guns there, some for protecting from the SEIC members that were even filmed beating up partiers (oh, and the most famous part picture of someone with a gun? Cut so that it's hard to see he was but one of MANY blacks attending). The list of assaults and such at OWS is over 400 incidents, and the macing was done AFTER continued refusal to leave when requested (after millions were seen needed by cities to clean up and repair from damage they'd done)
    6. Fascism is STATE run capitalism, whereas tea parties want to represent our REPUBLIC. OWS seemed to follow oligarchy rules at times, democracy at other.
     7. A republic actually aids all , as all able to work can then afford to provide the needs of those who can't. Demanding others to pay for what you want or have already received beyond could afford (often what we'd all love to have been able to get, admittedly- but KNEW we couldn't afford, so did without) doesn't REALLY help anyone.

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  • Typical Libtard idiocy fueled by ignorance, lack of reason and too much a hitting of the BONG.  Cut the Marxist Crap and your hair.  Put down your BONG and pick up a History Book.

  • Scottkullainsurance

    Occupy Wallstreet arrests in 40 days of protests = 2,511.  Tea Party in 989 days = 0
    OW rapes = 4                       T.P. = 0
    OW Cost to public = $2,400,000                T.P. = 0

  • And the fat cats are the only ones who ARE working. And they're not hiring. Instead, they're sending jobs overseas and hoarding a ton of money that could go toward reviving this country. Did I mention this?
    Oh, and unsuccessful is spelled with two Cs, materialists has an I before the first S, and you need to do a whole lot of homework before posting here.
    Nice try, Orvile. Emphasis on vile.

  • Orvile

    The occupy movement is a bunch of unsucessful greedy materialsts protesting a bunch of sucessful greedy materialists...and while they are protesting the "fatcats" the "fatcats are WORKING...

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  • Topshelf84

    ha [edited]

  • I hate the tea party, I hate them oh so much.

  • Themackshack

    you are an [EDITED], look closly at the protesters and you will see hundreds of educated people veterans and even now members of active military.

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  • Thank you too.

  • Brian_120173

    I understand, thanks.

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  • Brian_120173

    Interesting, F-Obama got to call the protesters "scumbags" so I went to call him one but got edited. Anyway, he kind of proved a point that corporate greed is real and they don't care about ANY of us, and neither do the Tea Party. Our voices are being heard. This is all to AVOID being stamped keep hallucinating.

  • Anonymous

    LOL After expanding your profile I think it's clear who the ignorant one is. And sadly you prove the above comparison correct with your wishes of death to others and your low class gutter speak. Now feel free to vomit up a classless foulmouthed finger pointing "ignorant" response to me. We are all waiting for you to prove this post right about you and the tea party membership. 🙂 

  • Brian_120173

    You're an [EDITED]. These masses are rising up to avoid being stamped out...[EDITED].

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  • Powhoundus

    IMO the biggest issue is that we have allowed the lobbyists and special interest groups to essentially control our leaders. It is them that truly run this country, not the people!

  • Jeppspc

    Don't kid yourself. How do you "trouble" those without a conscience . 
    We may out # the 1% but they have the guns and money. #'s mean nothing. 
    Trust me - None of these fat cats are even Phased about OWS. 
    Especially in the midst of a raging bull market . 
    Sad but true. 

  • Mostly it fails do to the apathy of the citizens.  It's not democracies fault, it's that once the top of a society has enough wealth they come up with simple distractions to ensure the people are (as bill hicks said) Slow and Docile so they can get away with whatever they want knowing the people are too wrapped up in their sports or their rims, or some other nonsense to take an interest in the crimes committed against them. 

    If the people would take an active interest in their government then you would not see the greed overpower the people.  It's just because we send our leaders to Washington and leave them to their own this case, it's not surprising that greed takes over unopposed.  I am very thankful that people are standing up for themselves

  • Guest

    this is why American IS NOT a democracy, it is a Republic.  For a very specific reason - GREED.   Our forefathers tried desperately to give us a great foundation on which to build, but the greedy ones found their way into the system.  It's been going on since the two parties were created, the elimination of the republic for the democracy, which benefits the GREEDY.  Democracy always turns into something evil, no civilization has ever made it work.  Hello Evil.  Bring It.

  • Coloredbait

    I see the Chinese government is censuring any search or information regarding the Occupy movement.... they must be doing something right.

  • Fairly apt, but it misses this mark: Tea Party hyperpartisan Anti-Dem, Anti-Liberal, Anti-Obama / OWS non-partisan, critical of both parties, refuses to be co-opted by either party.

  • Occupy Wall Street is exactly the disgruntled populace movement the Koch Brothers were predicting when they create the Tea Party. They succeeded in large extent in channeling a certain portion of the populace but obviously not all of them.

  • guest

    democracy is a joke. it has never been successful on earth.  never has the govt asked every citizen their choice on every matter. THAT is the definition of democracy.  that all are part of the decision making process.  when most of the people want something and the govt doesnt give it that is NOT democracy.  they are not frightened you will use democracy because you have never had it before and do not know how to use it.  what they are really afraid of is having to do anything for themselves.  without taxpayers to support them politicians will have to actually work. same for CEO's and other elites.  They are terrified because they do not know how to do anything but control others. they are afraid we will not obey, NOT that we will use the system they made to make them go away

  • Anonymous

    This is a great comparison.     The Occupiers want to move us forward, the T-baggers want to take us back!     Which do YOU want?

  • JonPaulPrime

    #OccupyWallStreet is deeply unsettling to the wealthy ruling class because it reminds them that WE THE PEOPLE haven't completely deteriorated into brain-dead, wage-slave zombies just yet. The top 1% knows we overwhelmingly outnumber them; which is *precisely* why democracy bothers them, my friends. That's why conservatives desperately seek to weaken our collective voice with redistricting schemes -- the wealthy are frightened we'll USE democracy to make this world a better, fairer place. Check out my YouTube Channel JonPaulPrime.