Video- Lawrence O'Donnell smacks down Rep "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh... again


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  • How is this guy not radioactive to the Tea Party AND to the Republican party. I know neither groups are big on womens rights but who hates kids? This isn't even about spousal support, we have yet to mention any spousal support this is just about his kids, and yet SILENCE. People wonder why MANY folks call female Republicans "Stepford Women"  I believe we can now point to Joe Walsh and say "are you silent about this, exactly how are you pro-life if you allow a man to SEVERLY neglect his children?"

  • Anonymous

    This guy is such a disgrace.  Are his wages garnished?  If not, why not?  He has such gall to stand in front of this country and complain about President Obama when he has neglected his financial obligations to his children.   I don't think anyone with this type of record should be allowed to be in office and we should have some type of regulation against it.