VIDEO: Hot mic picks up convo between Joe Biden and John Boehner before President Obama's speech


The Boehner: “Hey, I'm one of those barbarians.” Har, har, har.

He was referring to this:

The whole conversation was awkward, including VP Biden saying to the Boehner, "We have a lot of work to do," to which Boehner, Speaker of the House, responded by talking golf. Maybe that's work to him.

So be it.

  • Representative John A. Boehner, 61st and current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, member of the Republican Party reminds me of a grown up frat boy.  With all the images and notions it implies.

  • Boehner only knows that he is supposed to block Obama, that's it that's all. He will get no great moments of leadership, he will get no "pet projects" through in the house it is block Obama or nothing. That is all the Tea party will do, and they will threaten to primary everybody who doesn't go along with that agenda

  • HarborGuy

    I should put this in the following post but since this is the newest...

    Previously I've noted that I've had yelling matches with some frack'n crazies at my local post office...they have all kinds of Obama-as-Hitler stuff, LaRouche, Glass-Steagall (with all kinds of foreign looking corporate logos and initials) with flyers on an ice cream type cart.

    So today, they were outside a Wells Fargo in San Pedro, CA...a white guy and a black woman. They were loudly calling out "Impeach Obama".

    This time I went over there and asked a nutshell, within 2 minutes, they both started doing weird goo-goo baby talk...the woman started in on some kind of you are such a little girl...I asked her, politely and with PLEASE, to educate me on the corporate looking logos, who they were and where were they at. She started yelling that I was ordering her around...

    Let me tell you...These people are terrifying. Period. Delusional? I'm just not sure...There is NO talking TO them at all. Creepier, there were at least 5 cars that honked and waved and thumb care, with an older white couple stopped and asked how they could help to impeach Obama...

    I went into the bank and complained...and said that I felt scared for my safety at their ATMs. They just looked at me said that they couldn't do anything...and that the police would not respond. I told them that the post office has gotten them moved, for "security". They all just sat there and starred...

    ...I feel sick to my stomach and ya know...I don't know where this country is headed.


  • Biden: We need to get some bread on the tables of the unemployedBoehner: Qu'ils mangent de la brioche