VIDEO- Constituent to Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA): "You use the deficit ceiling to blackmail!"


Think Progress does it again. This video depicts exactly why it is so important to allow cameras into town hall meetings, as opposed to what Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) tried to do. Documenting these conservative bots spewing their inane talking points is just about the only tool we have to expose them for who they are. Facts just don't matter to them, and evasion is often their only real area of expertise.

As you can see, Rep. Dan Lungren nearly walked out of his own event. Why? Because he was challenged on the facts, and he didn't have a meaningful response... or the facts on his side:

Lungren, who at one point threatened to leave the Carmichael town hall, said he doesn’t know of any economists who support raising taxes during a recession. Ironically, that same day the National Association for Business Economics released a study showing nearly three quarters of business economists stating they support raising revenues through taxes.

  • It's funny he added no new information he just repeated the same talking points over and over again. Seems to me that as far as he was concerned all he has to do is sound like somebody on Fox News and he did his job. I guess the economists who have come out BEFORE the debt ceiling debate and before the Tea Party took over in January who claimed that we should raise revenues through taxes when they once again had capital hill by the balls weren't really economists just liberals.

    A lie isn't a lie if you repeat it often enough, oh wait it still is? And you have facts to prove it's a lie but all I have is this prepared document of acceptable GOP answers, you won't accept these as facts? Well then I will just leave, it's not like you pay me, oh wait you do I'm still leaving

  • HarborGuy

    This guy is and always has been a dirt bag...he needs to go.

    Wake up folks in his district and vote this bozo OUT.

  • did this man Chabot  think he was doing his constitutes a favor by staying and listening about backward thinking.  Nice to hear Americans calling out this nations' most weakest