VIDEO: Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) censors town hall - Police seize cameras


Rep. Steve Chabot's on a roll today. Earlier I posted about his getting booed for opposing Planned Parenthood, saying it is “largest abortion provider in the United States”. Believe it or not, he topped himself:

So much for democracy.


It is not supposed to happen in America where we value free speech and proudly revel in our history of men and women standing up and speaking to their elected representatives. But...once again, just last night, as they did in June, Congressman Steve Chabot, his staff and security team made sure that there could be no genuine human interaction or spoken question from the audience or any recorded documentation of what was said. And this occurred in a public meeting, in a public place, conducted by a public official, who while speaking to the public refused over 100 people who disagreed with him the opportunity to speak. And he had the police there to physically enforce his own private rules for public discourse.

Last night it was supposed 'security reasons" that they again not only banned citizen speech, but the photographing and filming of the Congressman speaking as well. Chabot's security team enlisted the help of the on-duty Cincinnati Police (car # 05313) to enforce this policy with the threat of arrest and the actual confiscation of two video cameras until the conclusion of the meeting.

Shades of  the Allen West-Nicole Sandler abuse.

UPDATE: After all the criticism, Chabot has now reversed himself and will (supposedly) allow cameras in the future.

H/t: Leftpalm