Poll-itics: Tea party support down by half since 2010, yet able to contribute greatly to U.S. credit downgrade


Via a Twitter pal, TeacherKen:

Raw Story points out that "support for the tea party, the arch-conservative wing of the Republican party, has been cut virtually in half since the 2010 elections, even as their elected representatives seem to be growing in clout."

Yet somehow, they managed to wrap the rest of the GOP around their unprofessional, inexperienced, ignorant little fingers and held the economy hostage.

It was the GOP, pressured by the tea baggers, who refused to raise taxes, which was a major reason for the credit downgrade by S&P. This should demonstrate once again how far they'll go for a power grab.

Mitch McConnell and his conservative pals openly admitted to 1) making President Obama a one-termer a primary goal, and 2) political terrorism in the form of hostage-taking:

I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. Most of us didn’t think that. What we did learn is this – it’s a hostage that’s worth ransoming. And it focuses the Congress on something that must be done.”

– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), quoted by the Washington Post, on the debt ceiling negotiations.

Now despite the tea party's popularity being cut in half and Republicans being blamed for refusing to compromise on the debt ceiling plan, they still got "98%" of what Boehner says he wanted. Yet today they're all over the Tee Vee Box blaming President Obama for the mess they insisted on creating themselves.

Sidebar: S&P gave a AAA rating to Lehman Brothers only a month before they declared bankruptcy.

CBS/New York Times poll released Friday (PDF):