Graphs: Where did all those tea party events go? Down by over 50%, that's where.


Think Progress has an excellent post up about the decline in the number of tea party events this year as compared to 2010. Please go read their analysis, because they anticipate the challenges from critics to their investigation:

For this report, ThinkProgress examined the total number of events across the country listed on the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) websites each month. We then compared the number of Tea Parties that occurred in 2010 with the number that took place in the first seven months of 2011.

The results were startling.

  • Dmcrane1

    I wish they had gone away, but if you've heard people talking about how the Tea Party did this by quietly becoming Precinct committeemen you'll understand that they are just silently working in the background again preparing to try to get more people on the ballot  for the next election.   They get in the precincts, then nominate their people to run for offices because that is what the precinct committee does, they are very powerful because they control who runs for office, they might have 3 people running in one race so no matter who wins it will be Tea Party.  They Republican Party has instructions on how to be a precinct committeman on all their websites, usually a link at the top of site says "Precincts".  Here's a link from Maricopa County (Phx, AZ area).  That is how they did it, with very few people  and they intend to get more in next time.   They are working hard now at it, you  just don't see or hear it and that is the way they want it.   Progressives needs to do the same, and get in it right away. It costs nothing to become one, requires some footwork and contact work, to talk to people in your precinct.  Usually you only need 10 or 20 signatures to get nominated, which will usually get you the position,  and you can get that in the neighborhood you live in by just telling people you want to serve on the committee and would they sign your petition to be one.  If no one runs against you, which is usually the case, they don't even have an election.  Progressives, contact your local Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) or Democratic Party and ask them to help you get the paperwork and get busy.  This is a perfect job for retired or out of work people.  It only costs your time and you can be a poweful force to stop the Tea Party Republicans (or Tealiban).

  • Love the analogy

  • Moosedripp

    No one EVER actually talks about it. Glad you said it.

  • The teabaggers are, for all intents and purposes, a collection of spoiled two-year-olds who stamped their feet and had a tantrum when the mean ole black guy with the funny name got in the White House.

    And, as is usual with two-year-olds, the tantrum subsided . . .

  • And how long have I been saying tea parties were political quicksand?