VIDEO: Pres. Obama nominates Dir. of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth Warren won't confirm or deny run for Senate


Here is the announcement, and below, the interview with the wonderful Elizabeth Warren, whose very classy statement about Richard Cordray is posted here.

Legoland comes first, thinking about a run comes second (her thoughts on running for Senate at about 3:20):

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  • Mike

    My my. ¬†Someone's a bit grumpy today .... ūüėČ

    I realize all that.  I'm simply pointing out that the reason for withdrawing her name could be for two reasons 1) that Obama simply didn't want to fight for it or 2) she didn't want it so she could run for Senate.  I expressed that I hope it's 2, not 1.  What's so controversial about that?  BTW, I don't know the answer.  But neither do you.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it  " Obama wimp out" about?

    This woman  knew Obama before she was a hit in the so called progressive square, this woman  campaigned for him, knew him before he was famous, said he had her at "credit default," talked about their hours of discussion the agency, knew him at Harvard..

     the lady who said he fought hard for her to get the consumer protection agency, the woman who said she was offered two position including heading the agency but refused to same. She said she rather set it up, this woman who said in NY times video explaining how she set up the agency that she worked 16 hours a day and missed her family and grand kids... the woman who has defended the president contrary to weary and silly claims of the so called left who think they are allies but she has never claimed to be any part of the their block.

    The same lady who said she does not want the position on numerous occasions. Is it that she does not have her own mind or has there been a creation of cult like behavior around her? Does her own expectations and opinions matter. She PICKED CORDRAY and approved him for Obama.

    Every time there has been a fake rallying cry around her in the so called progressive square, she has shot it down. She has never sought the praise of either circle, instead as concentrated on consumer affairs. 

    Seriously some of you need to wake up...  Warren has been on Obama's side since before she became the rallying cry for the left as created by Huffing Posting.

    I guess a woman's opinion does not matter: she does not want the job. She got the best part, setting it up and its guidelines... She has better things to do including being a great professor and if she chooses to run for elected office, it is her choice.

    Stop creating an illusion that does not exist. Its funny when Warren was supporting every aspect of the Financial reform bill, her voice did not matter in the so called progressive square since it did not fit the narrative created about the "weak financial regulation." All of a sudden, Huffing and posting creates a silly headline and its back on the Warren train.

    Jeez... grow up people

  • Mike

    Apparently Cordray is a very close associate of Warren's.  I hope this is happening because she is running for Senate rather than another Obama wimp-out.