Elizabeth Warren's full statement in response to the nomination of Richard Cordray


Elizabeth Warren is the classiest of class acts. I have nothing but admiration and respect for her, which is the polar opposite of my feelings about the GOP, especially in light of how they've acted since November 2010. Hey Dems, next time you think about sitting out an election, please remember this, okay?

So will she run for U.S. Senate? 

Via email. Bolding is mine:



WASHINGTON - Today, Elizabeth Warren issued the following statement in response to the announcement by the White House that President Obama intends to nominate Richard Cordray as the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB):
"Last year, when President Obama and Secretary Geithner asked me to help them stand up the consumer bureau, I enthusiastically accepted the position and got to work because I believe firmly that the CFPB can make the consumer finance markets work better for American families - eliminating fine print, making costs, benefits, and risk clearer, and holding those who break the law accountable. In the time since, we have been hard at work building an agency to do just that.
"Today, the President announced his intent to nominate Richard Cordray to serve as the first Director of the CFPB. Rich has a proven track record of fighting for families during his time as head of the CFPB enforcement division, as Attorney General of Ohio, and throughout his career. He was one of the first senior executives I recruited for the agency, and his hard work and deep commitment make it clear that he can make many important contributions in leading this agency. He will make a stellar director. I am very pleased for Rich and very pleased for the CFPB.
"In May, forty-four Republican Senators wrote a letter saying that they will block anyone from serving as CFPB Director. Many of them don't like either the agency or the ideas that led to its creation. They lost that fight last summer in a straight up vote, but they have said they will use a filibuster over nomination to undercut the agency and its effectiveness.
"I remain hopeful that those who want to cripple this consumer bureau will think again and remember that the financial crisis - and the recession and job losses that it sparked - began one lousy mortgage at a time. I also hope that when those Senators next go home, they ask their constituents how they feel about fine print, about signing contracts with terms that are incomprehensible, and about learning the true costs of a financial transaction only later when fees are piled on or interest rates are reset. I hope they will ask the people in their districts if they are opposed to an agency that is working to make prices clear or if they think budgets should be cut for an agency that is trying to make sure that trillion-dollar banks follow the law. I hope they will ask their constituents if they are opposed to the confirmation of someone who saved $2 billion for retirees, investors, and business owners as Ohio Attorney General and who has worked hard on the front lines fighting against fraudulent foreclosures and abusive lending practices.
"Partisanship may be the most important thing in Washington, but in the rest of the country, people expect their public servants to work together to learn from past regulatory failures and to put our energy into solving problems, not scoring political points. In visiting with people and business leaders across the country -- including community bankers and credit unions in all 50 states -- I see a real eagerness to move forward, to work together to repair a broken credit market. I hope that Republicans in the Senate take notice and stop their fight to preserve a regulatory system that failed us.
"Prior to the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, the President and I fought side by side to make the new agency possible. And, if we need to, I know we will continue to fight side by side, to keep it strong and independent and to make sure it has the tools it needs to serve the American people."

  • Nevedatwo

    Shhh.  Obama is saving her for something in 2012.  Shhhh.  Secret.

  • nevadatwo

    Here is something brewing.  Tiny chance V.P. takes a stab at another dept.  Something he can sink his teeth into.  Guess who steps into the V.P. seat.   Pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    yea. ok.

  • Anonymous

    Did you happen to watch the hearings with Ms. Warren? You should look them up on YouTube before you go on with the pipe dreams. Nobody admires this incredible woman as much as I do. The fact is, Republicans are staunchly set against her...for all the obvious reasons.Smart and educated  and not afraid to stand up to BS...are all strong points. She is not a push over, nor does the bad breath of angry Republicans scare her. At some point, reality needs to set in for you. She would not have been confirmed. The fact is, SHE set this agency up. From scratch, and her mark is on this agency whether she is there or not. She set the expectations and the vision...and I'm certain that she had first pick of who to nominate to launch her ship. I'd bet money.Sorry, but the rest of your comment is whining, frankly. I double dog dare you to do a scintilla of what this man has done, under unrelenting freak outs and opposition. Daily. Aren't you even going to try????????????????? What you seem to be saying is, you want him to "try" even though the reality is WON'T WORK...so what? Then he gets bashed for not doing anything? Truly, the rest of your comment is total denial...what did you want Daddy to do for you? I think that you should relax and be greatful that such an agency will be in force, looking out for you and your family.Not complaining about what could never have been. Besides, what if she didn't want it? What if that was HER CHOICE?

  • Anonymous

    Most of the folks in Washington forget something. They confidently forget THEY work for US, not the other way around. I think that he will make a wonderful director of this agency. He always fought hard for the people of Ohio, and he will fight equally as hard here. Call your Senators and Reps...ask them the questions that Ms, Warren asked them to ask their constituents....and tell them to quit playing games. This agency will go on WITH or WITHOUT their games. 

  • KansasDem

    I did read the letter.

    I'm not criticizing Ms. Warren, I'm criticizing Obama for not trying harder on this fight and many others. No need to be rude, but I certainly do have an agenda.

    I very much want a Dem primary challenge, not only due to ideological issues, but look at some history. What are the odds of a POTUS being reelected with such a large number of folks unemployed?

    I'm not the enemy many of you seem to think I am.

  • Anonymous

    Call your Rep. Call you Senator.  Make noise.  If enough of us do maybe they will listen.  They think they can do what ever they want without being held accountable.  Our media is totally corrupt. ALL OF IT>. It is up to us!

  • Anonymous

    Again, thank you for reading her letter. (note sarcasm)
    Attacking the people that are diligently trying to solve the problems while failing to hold accountable the tyrants   that are causing ALL of the problems makes so much sense.   Again.I hope you note the saracsm as I note your "agenda" what ever the hell that is.
    Bravo and thank you Elizabeth Warren and Presdeint Obama.  I will be calling my GOP congressman and GOP Senator and telling them that I expect them to support this agency and support the confimation of Cordray.  Forward we go! And to hell with the whiners and the tyrants.

  • Anonymous

    So I assume you didn't read her letter.  You do not care what hse has to say or what the facts are.  Okay.  Agenda noted.

  • KansasDem

    Sorry, but I just don't understand why Obama didn't even try???????????????

    I've always believed it was better to try and fail than not to try at all?

    Since Obama was elected I've seen far too little "try", it's mostly been some "internal" decision regarding what's best (or most likely to succeed) and very little standing firm on anything :^(

    I guess we have to live with the fact that we can either live just right of center or clear the hell off in crazy land. Not a good choice to make !^(

  • While Warren was the logical choice, Cordray's a natural who got swept out of the Ohio AG's position. A great but gutless decision.

  • I hope she does decide to run for the Senate. Unfortunately the Repubs will try and block Cordray, too. They are implacable now.