Major tea party convention suffers from shrinkage


The tea party is shriveling. It is experiencing its own unique little brand of shrinkage. It's dwindling away, melting like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, diminishing in whatever stature it thought it had, whittled down to nearly nothing, slip-slidin' away... at least if its Tampa, Florida convention is any indication.

This was to be a big shindig, a huge shebang, a real barn burner... except for just a few minor issues: There were no-- as in zero-- female speakers; “video recorders and audio rendering devices were prohibited and would be grounds for removal without refund;” only about 300 showed up to see a crowd-enticing line-up that included Ron Paul, ClusterFox's Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Tom "mandatory literacy test" Tancredo; all which resulted in the venue looking a little something like this:

Photo via Saint Petersblog.

Hence, their spiffydoodle event turned out to be a colossal dud.

Via Think Progress, where there's more:

[T]his kind of uber-conservative fare has had no trouble attracting bigger crowds not long ago.

That was then, this is now. Cricket, cricket.

I guess the successful pro-union rallies consisting of of hundreds of thousands who have consistently shown up week after week are coincidental. Comparing the enthusiasm, passion and numbers of those supporting the New Civil Rights Movement to the paltry turnout at the Very Important Tea Party Convention is nothing more than a meaningless exercise in... gloating.

  • Emilio

    Teabagging their way into an evolutionary cul-de-sac. Dumb asses are just waking up to the reality that they've been had by the Koch "roach" brothers.

  • logjam

    So, do you have a photo that refutes the one shown?

  • GottaLaff

    Oh Jimbo, that was so cute. Think Progress reported the info I based the post on. You might want to tell them what Carnies they are, too. Now what's your rationalization for no female speakers, and no cameras allowed to record all that brilliance?

    How was Tancredo? Did he remind everyone about those literacy tests, or did he fail to show up?

    Where were Palin and Bachmann? Oh, they didn't show up either? Were they invited? If so, why did they turn you down?

    I'll take the 100,000's in WI any time.

    As for rip-offs, I think the Koch-funded tea baggers have that market cornered.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jimbo

    This picture was taken 3 hours before the event. There were over 1000 people who listened to Judge Napolitano. And FYI Ron Paul was not even a confirmed speaker. The Political Carnival is just a circus with Carnies trying to rip you off!

  • Alice

    What with Republicans slashing unemployment benefits, disability benefits and workers' comp payments in order to pay for corporate tax cuts, most of the members were unable to afford to make the trip and pay for the tickets.

  • Sidney A.T. Home

    Why I don't swim George!

  • Sidney A.T. Home

    Why I don't swim George!

  • W. Brian Tucker

    No female speakers? Even Victoria Jackson was "too busy"!

  • Shiva

    "Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Tom “mandatory literacy test” Tancredo"

    THIS is the tea party? Holy Feckkers batman! Where was Michelle? Sarah? Ops, sorry, Sarah was busy bombing in India.

    BTW Tea party members of note: Probably 50% of the people you bashed in Wisconsin were REPUBLICANS you idiots!