Ohio Senate Schedules a Fetus to Testify About Abortion Bill



What's up with Ohio? First they try to wipe out the middle class and now this:

In support of a bill that proposes banning abortions after the first heartbeat (something that can happen within eighteen days of conception), the anti-abortion group Faith2Action has scheduled a nine-week-old fetus to testify as a legislative witness before Ohio's House Health Committee.

No, that is not a report from The Onion. You can't make this stuff up.

They're going to project the ultrasound of Ms. Preggers on to a larger screen, emphasizing the heart beat by showing it in color.

Maybe next they can have blood cells testify when someone is hauled into court for attempted murder.

Or perhaps a dog can testify against his fleas for assault and battery.

Mayhaps a shed hair can testify in court, claiming abandonment.

  • Sally

    Remember when we thought Palin's 'death panels' and then Angle's running from the press and calling for armed rebellion were as crazy as things could be in America...they were just the warmup act for these totally abysmal human beings who call themselves Christian and American. They are neither.

  • DSG

    Sometimes there just aren't words for stories like this. I'll have to resort to hand gestures.