Ohio Senate Schedules a Fetus to Testify About Abortion Bill



What's up with Ohio? First they try to wipe out the middle class and now this:

In support of a bill that proposes banning abortions after the first heartbeat (something that can happen within eighteen days of conception), the anti-abortion group Faith2Action has scheduled a nine-week-old fetus to testify as a legislative witness before Ohio's House Health Committee.

No, that is not a report from The Onion. You can't make this stuff up.

They're going to project the ultrasound of Ms. Preggers on to a larger screen, emphasizing the heart beat by showing it in color.

Maybe next they can have blood cells testify when someone is hauled into court for attempted murder.

Or perhaps a dog can testify against his fleas for assault and battery.

Mayhaps a shed hair can testify in court, claiming abandonment.