VIDEO: "This bill is the biggest assault on women's health in 40 years."


Another very human voice against the GOP War On Women:

"I can't imagine being forced to continue with a pregnancy that would endanger my life and endanger my future. I might not be here today had I not had that choice. And my children might not be here today had I not had that choice. I don't understand why anyone who cares about the lives of women would support this bill."

Radio host Randi Rhodes often says the conservatives' insistence on intruding into women's reproductive rights boils down to, "Love the fetus, hate the child."  I'd like to add, "Love the fetus, ignore everyone else."

"Pro-life". Right.

  • KansasDem

    And, where is the so-called tea party on this?

    There is no "tea party"! It's just another re-branding of the far, far right!

    Moral majority v.2.0 maybe? In the end the new GOP has become America's Taliban!

    What contributed to the deficit/debt between 2001 and and 2009?

    Are those things that contributed to the debt/deficit being seriously targeted now?

    Where is the "shared sacrifice" regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    How the hell did the GOP gain seats last year?