PhotOh! Sharron Angle, Take 2: Hawking skin care.


Look what Sharron's been up to! What next, her own make-up line on QVC? "Second Amendment Wrinkle Remedies"?

Ruh-roh! Is that what the ad meant by "revolutionary" skin care?

Did it occur to the conventioneers in Vegas that the last person women should take beauty advice from is Sharron Angle? I mean, come on, Sharron Angle? Really?

She may have overcome her "makeup challenges", but she has a way to go until she overcomes the rest of 'em.

But at least she can claim to "look great" for 16 hours at a stretch... and so can you!

And by "look great" she means this:

H/t: Taegan

  • Person

    Sharron: Does this makeup make me look like a minority? They all the same to me!

  • Emily Peacock

    I don't think I'll be buying these products. Nope. Nope.

  • Person

    Her make up challenges?!? LOL. LOL, ROTFLMAO!