"Liberal Hunting Permit" website to me: "Do you really want to mess with me?"


By GottaLaff

A Twitter pal of mine directed me to this site, because it concerned her and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

All I could do for her is promise to expose it:

(click on images to enlarge, and I suggest you do to read the fine print)

His message is loud and clear.

Especially the part of his message in which he threatens his readers (I whited out my information):

And yet, the person who appears to run the site reveals very little about himself other than this:

There are no "photos of Bill".

This is part and parcel of what I've been reporting about all day.

One thing we do not need in this country is more threatening language and/or symbolism.

Right Sarah?


UPDATE: It's a damn epidemic: