"Liberal Hunting Permit" website to me: "Do you really want to mess with me?"


By GottaLaff

A Twitter pal of mine directed me to this site, because it concerned her and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

All I could do for her is promise to expose it:

(click on images to enlarge, and I suggest you do to read the fine print)

His message is loud and clear.

Especially the part of his message in which he threatens his readers (I whited out my information):

And yet, the person who appears to run the site reveals very little about himself other than this:

There are no "photos of Bill".

This is part and parcel of what I've been reporting about all day.

One thing we do not need in this country is more threatening language and/or symbolism.

Right Sarah?


UPDATE: It's a damn epidemic:

  • politicallycorrect

    you are an idiot

    "duhhh...good idea. Will do"

    talk about mind numb robots

  • politicallycorrect


    Personally I think Homosexual people should wear little rainbow buttons on their collar. Pro-Choice people should put bumper stickers on their vehicle expressing their beliefs. Save the Planet/Trees/Forests/Whales and anything else 'types' should always make themselves 'stand out' in crowds. It makes them so much easier to properly identify them.

    PS - I don't really care if Obama was born in Africa or Hawaii. He will not be elected again. That's for sure. Besides the alternative of Biden or (OMG) Nancy getting into office would really be the worst thing any sane person could imagine.

    Ya'll have a nice day

  • John Zorabedian

    Holy sh*t, this is no joke.

  • trebor

    you can google that "liberal permit hunting" guy's account screen name and come up with several of his websites & youtube

  • cat_travis

    In a country with as many guns as people the fringe can't resist the temptation


    The country has gone to hell-in-a-handbasket! And we have Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Mitch McConnell, Joe Wilson, John Boehner, John McCain, ad infinitum to thank for this.YOU lost, so the country pays for it?!?!

  • T1theinfamous

    This country is filled with psychos

  • HarborGuy


    Even my 89 year old Mom keeps asking, "what the heck has happened to this country?"

  • Darcy

    http://www.militariapress.com/miva/sitemap.php << Liberal Hunting Permit is listed (alphabetically) - sounds like serious incitement going on here to me.

  • raypc800

    Hope that you thought to contact the FBI and Homeland Security. They just might be interested in tracking this site if they are not doing so already that is.

  • HowieG

    The teaparty leaders do know that ALL of their personal phone numbers are listed on their main website right?

  • Repooc

    Tit for tat? http://bit.ly/cTjWNa

  • GottaLaff

    Great idea. Will do.