Photo of the Day- Ohio Gov Kasich, Flanked by Six Men, Signs Stringent Abortion Restrictions Into Law



Click to enlarge, though unless you're trying to induce vomiting I don't recommend.

The new provisions will make it harder for family planning groups like Planned Parenthood to receive federal funding, while making it easier for crisis pregnancy centers, which often counsel women against having an abortion, to receive the same money. The provisions also work to keep abortion clinics from obtaining transfer agreements with public hospitals and require doctors to perform ultrasounds before an abortion, informing the woman if they find a heartbeat.

Many more disgusting details here and here.

  • Rose Speaks

    I saw a great post on Facebook the other day about not knowing that these governors have awaken thousands of women. They voted for the GOP because their ministers preached that and their husbands encourage to protect their guns, but now the women are awake and watch out. I agree and see a energy here in Texas I have not seen for years.