"Staunchly Republican, conservative Catholic" Pa. Supreme Court justice convicted of corruption


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Two "staunchly Republican, conservative Catholic" sisters are in legal hot water. Did I mention one of them is a Supreme Court justice in Pennsylvania? The other is a Supreme Court aide. Or was.

Via Philly.com:

PITTSBURGH - A member of Pennsylvania's highest court was convicted Thursday of corrupting the election process in her campaigns to win a seat on the bench, triggering renewed calls to change the system of electing state judges.

Justice Joan Orie Melvin was just the second known Supreme Court justice to be convicted in nearly three centuries, and her conviction may soon set in motion political campaigns by would-be justices vying to replace her.

Melvin and her sister, Janine Orie, were convicted of corruption for allegedly misusing state-paid staffers to do campaign work.

At least justice was served. And a Justice is serving.

Here's a fun fact: A third sister — former state Sen. Jane Orie — is already in state prison for using her state-paid staff to run her campaigns.

All in the family (values), as they say:

three gop sisters convicted pennsylvania (Photo- Keith Srakocic, Gene Puskar, AP)

Former state senator Jane Orie, right, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, center, Janine Orie, left,
(Photo: Keith Srakocic, Gene Puskar, AP)

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  • Jimmy Z Williams

    Politicians pilfering money?  In Pennsylvania?  Say it ain't so.

  • The corrupt mind set of Pennsylvania Republicans goes way beyond the pale. They tried to rig the last election with suppressing the vote to guarantee Romney the state of PA "Done" Sweep politics of these corrupt, obstructionist politicians in 2014 "Done"

  • Steven Perry

    The middle one looks like Sarah Palin, probably coincidental...

  • shawn_von_socialist

    there should not be a conservative on the bench period we had a revolutionary war agaisnt european conservativism.. that alone makes "conservative idealogy" anti american to the core

  • We should keep this in mind the next time Michelle Malkin talks about a Democratic "culture of corruption" . . .

  • Family "values?"