VIDEO: Mitch McConnell filibusters himself



"What we have here is a case of the Republicans here in the Senate once again not taking yes for an answer. This morning the Republican leader asked consent to have a vote on his proposal. Just now I told everyone we're willing to have that vote, an up-or-down vote, and now the Republican leader objects to his own idea, so I guess we have a filibuster of his own bill."

If we needed any more proof at what a hypocritical, obstructive clown Mitch McConnell is, now we have it. Remember, this is the guy who, on Inauguration Night, conspired to obstruct and destroy President Obama and who said this:

Today, via Raw Story, we witness legislation to raise the debt ceiling, McConnell's own proposal, being rejected by... McConnell.

His intent was apparently to show "that even Democrats would not support such a bill," a bill that would have given the president the authority to raise the federal debt ceiling on his own.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called his bluff, called for a vote, and in so many words, called McConnell a blatant hypocrite.

McConnell obstructing McConnell: Irony is not dead.

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