BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court does not take up gay marriage cases today


MSNBC is reporting that the  U.S. Supreme Court did not take up gay marriage cases today, although Monday is another chance for them to take up marriage equality cases.

Pete Williams says we can't draw conclusions about this.

So there will be no decision today on whether they will take up Defense of Marriage Act, Proposition 8 cases.

Details coming.

UPDATE via @SCOTUSblog ( ):

#scotus did not act today on #ssm petitions. Could issue orders Mon, but Dec 7 more likely. 2 other grants, including gene patents.

Failure to act on #ssm today prob means #scotus needs time to work out which case(s) to take. Meet again next Fri. 

SCOTUS blog's  Lyle Denniston:

The Supreme Court, after taking most of the day to prepare new orders, took no action Friday on the ten same-sex marriage cases now on the docket... The next opportunity for the Court to issue orders will be at 9:30 a.m. Monday. If no orders on any of these cases emerges on Monday, the next indication of what the Court may be doing with the issue could come with re-setting them for the private Conference that will be held next Friday. 

H/T to Karin Riley Porter