Paul Ryan & Todd Akin co-sponsored unconstitutional "personhood" bill. Blastocyst-Americans would be, er, "legitimate".


In my latest BLUNT video, "Answer THIS, Paul Ryan," I included clips from The Rachel Maddow Show in which she discussed Paul Ryan's dedication to "personhood" as was made painfully obvious by his co-sponsorship of a federal "personhood" (not to mention forced vaginal ultrasound) bill.

You are probably more than aware that Democrats, as well as the GOP, are all over Todd Akin over his despicable, ignorant, and illegitimate remarks about how victims of “legitimate rape” have magical physiological lady powers that prevent them from getting pregnant.

Well, as it turns out, political assaults on women and co-sponsoring are Ryan-Akin common denominators. Via Think Progress:

...Ryan and Akin also cosponsored a federal personhood bill, the Sanctity of Human Life Act of 2009, which declares that a fertilized egg is entitled to the exact same legal rights as a human being [...]

Lest there be any doubt, this bill is unconstitutional. Congress does not have the power to overrule Roe v. Wade by an ordinary statue, only a constitutional amendment could serve that purpose. [...]

[A] Blastocyst-American would not only enjoy the same constitutional status as a fully grown adult, it would also enjoy any “legal” attributes enjoyed by adults.

That legislation would "legitimize" Blasotcyst-Americans, effectively outlawing many forms of birth control as well as abortion rights.

In other news, Paul Ryan and Todd Akin are politically joined at the hip. Good luck with that, Team Romney-Ryan.