NY GOP legislator: If marriage equality becomes law, "we are going to have an HIV epidemic."


New York legislator Sam Trombley (R), remarking on the bill that would legalize same-sex marriage, which, by the way, is one vote away from passage... via LGBTQnation:

I’m surprised the health department has not come out against this because we are going to have an HIV epidemic if this passes... You don’t see two male dogs sleeping in the same dog house together."

Well, Sam, yes you do. Male dogs sleep all over each other in dog houses, crates, doggie beds, human beds, boats, cars, bathtubs, you name it; not to mention *gasp!* hump each other, hump male human legs, female human legs, male cats, female cats, male tables, female tables... Oh, and may I add... WTF?

Aside from that utter lunacy, does this homophobe not get that monogamous relationships lead to fewer HIV cases, not more?

How did this dolt get elected? There really ought to be a "stupid screening" before anyone is cleared to hold office.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorant homophobe. Rot in MY Gog's hell!
    Gay/Lesbian America -  ACT UP and attack!

  • HarborGuy

    What an IGNORANT fool.

    And what a stupid thing to say...but, it plays SO well to the other ignorant fools AND continues to build that "fear" of the fags (as a gay man, I'm say'n that word for the purposes of this post) and THEIR disease.

    They make me sick to my stomach.

  • gainesMI

    The only epidemic is of Republican stupidity!!

  • Anonymous

    I even tried to read it upside down, still makes no sense!