The King of Michigan can now provide "strong medicine, financial martial law"


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How nice for Michigan that it now has a king. And by nice for Michigan, I mean nice for King Rick Snyder (must-see videos) who must be thrilled to have complete and total control over the people of his state.

What fun! He can do away with unions, with police officers, mayorships, you name it. You voted for someone and they won? Pfft, fuggetaboutit. OUT.

You like that school your kid goes to? Nevermind. GONE.

You cherish democracy and thought it would always be The American way? TOO BAD.

Remember all my rants about the GOP's goal of crushing unions as a way of denying Democrats their political funding which would lead to eventual single party rule? Me too.

And wait a minute... isn't it that same GOP that objects to Big Scary Commie Fascist Kenyan Marxist Gay French Socialist Intrusive Government?

A day after facing hundreds of rowdy, pro-union protesters that filled the state Capitol, the Senate voted on Wednesday to grant broad new powers to emergency managers who oversee financially struggling cities and schools, including the authority to void union contracts and remove elected officials.

Republican Sen. Jack Brandenburg said  that "several urban areas of the state, especially Detroit, are in 'bad shape' and will need a state-appointed emergency financial manager, or EMF, who can impose strong medicine."

He has to have the backbone, he has to have the power, to null and void a contract,” Brandenburg said.

The senator also rejected claims by Democrats that the bill will destroy Michigan’s long history of local control by allowing the EMF to remove top administrators and elected officials, put millage increases on the ballot, lay off employees, slash services, and merge the city or school district with a neighboring government entity. Brandenburg said the EMFs will be deployed in communities that need “financial martial law.”

Yes, that's right, King Ricky has deemed that one person (who I'm sure he'd never label a "czar" because that wouldn't be right), a person who is not from the community and not elected by the people, a person who he will refer to as "an emergency manager",will have powers galore.

Because nothing says American freedom and liberty like "financial martial law."