Ann Coulter Can Limbo Low, Low Low - is she part vampire?


Ann Coulter  totally makes me want to get the excuse for a woman alone in a room and determined if she's pure evil or just .924%


"Obama's breaking the law!", brayed a riled and rigid Coulter.

Do you suspect that Ann Coulter is part vampire?

There's the frigid coldness, the love of going directly to the jugular, a taste for raw red meat and that bizarre habit of rocking a little black cocktail dress on morning shows. As Kathy Griffin is fond of pointing out, Coulter needs a long stay in  Personality Rehab.


Coulter's hatred of Obama has never been disguised, in fact her miserable disposition is wide open to the suffering public. Have a gander at her in prime Fvx form.

Can't the president just Executive Order her ass out of the country she pretends to defend, so political  deportation would rid us of the thorny,  delusional hater of the first water??

That would be an historically delightful moment for liberals -- and probably the old-school moderate GOPpers.

Of course La Coulter is one hard-core, foul-mouthed,  anti-abortion RWNJ.


The Conservatives like to spin the issue so that it seems as if librul wimmen treat abortions like they would hair appointments, when nothing could be further from the truth. And, of course, they’re all tied up with the abstinence-only crowd, because they also want to prevent people from using commonsense methods that can prevent pregnancy in the first place.

Annnnd … Coulter must really dislike anything associated with sex … despite the mini dresses and flirtatious manner when on Fvx Noise.