WI GOP may allow cameras next: Poll watchers already allowed 3 feet from voters


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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a bill this year that let poll observers intimidate get within thirty-six inches of the voters they are hovering over monitoring. Nothing like having the rabidly right wing poll police breathing down your neck while you try to make private choices in what used to be a country that believed in democracy. Now Wisconsin may allow cameras. Now they want their "observers" to be able to record your personal information, too.

Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog on the original law:

The law would allow observers to stand 3 to 8 feet from the table where voters announce their names and addresses and are issued voter numbers, or from the table where people register to vote.

Gee, who could possibly mind if a total stranger, a fanatic extremist partisan with fervently opposing views, overheard your name and address? Or scrutinized and challenged your vote? What could possibly go wrong?

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Here's a video of Rachel Maddow explaining the original law in full back in April:

Clearly, that's not enough Dem harassment for Wisconsin Republicans. Now the election bullies observers would be able to unnerve their fellow citizens not just with their presence, but also with cameras and video recorders. If Americans exercising their voting rights happen to rub the monitors the wrong way, then hey, chill them to the bone. Document them. Record them. Use your cameras as weapons. Make them as uncomfortable as possible. Terrify them. Try to suppress their votes by causing them to avoid the polls in order to avoid the poll watchers.

Via the Green Bay Press Gazette:

Wisconsin officials may lift the ban on camera usage by election observers.

The state elections board will meet Monday to vote on proposed changes to election observer rules, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. The Republican-controlled Legislature proposed the ban reversal.

Election observers have been prohibited from shooting photos and video at the polls for the past eight years.

If the ban is lifted, cameras can start being used during the August primary. So much for your privacy, Wisconsinites.

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This is going from "creepy" to downright scary.

  • MutherBear

    Just a few questions here:

    1) Where do "poll watchers" get the authority to watch polls?
    2) If I ask a "poll watcher" to "back the *flake* off", are they obligated to do so?
    3) Are "poll watcher watchers" also available? And;
    4) Do stand-your-booth laws apply if I am feeling threatened or intimidated by a "poll watcher"?

  • RepublicanSwine


  • When I saw Maddow's demonstration - genius - it was like a New Jersey turnpike Sopranos moment was going to pop up in the back screen! I could hear the intro. music.

    Great piece, Laffy! It has gotten to the point of scary for sure. The onus is now somehow on the media to keep their eye on voter intimidation? Feels more like the sixties than the 'teens'.

  • Sally

    Gee, and all the uproar is about how Obama is Muslim and going to institute Sharia law. When the GOP gets done, Sharia will look like freedom.

  • RepublicanSwine

    There is no low for the MOB *cough* GOP!