Fox Noise Champions A Blessed Proselytizing Kentucky Bank Teller - VIDEO

Cartoon, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

Cartoon, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

I know, I'm a sadist. But someone has to slog over there and see what the asshattery is up to.

This had to be the Perfect Storm of a Religionist story for  the Godly Couch over at Fvx and Friends Sunday.

They were able to get their Tucker Bow Tie Sporting Prick Tucker manned Hysteria Periscope fixed on someone who was allegedly fired for just being a Blessed and Happy Christian. At work. [King of the Asshats award was won early, Jaysus.]

And … in their Beating Red Heartland. Kentucky. No Proselytizing

You're going to need your thigh-high Orvis Waders for this one, and a nose-plug might not be excessive.

Initially one flashes to Seinfeld's Kramer taking the bank To the Bank for misnoming a cash-gua-ran-teed fixed courtesy greeting. But that was fiction. This is Religionist solicitation in a very peculiar venue.


Capitalism meets Born Again Solicitation. Neace said she not only goes to church on Sunday but lives her beliefs every day in Amurrika. Here's the Fox Noise treatment. Tighten those waders.

The Interview(!) ... because Of Course it's a religiousity freedom issue. Warned you about the Ick Level.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV


Sadly, Fox Noise is alive and well and maintaining a hypothetical place in Reality. The blonde Fvx Sunday pundit sympathized in horror for about 90 seconds, then the couch of infamy got to the really red meat of the matter ... The Holy Teller, Polly Neace, had been loudly proselytizing from behind her wee window.

A customer -- somewhere in her hearing but not in her line or at her nameplate-- had taken Her Lord's name in vain in the Holy Teller's American-exceptional hearing! As she described, aggrieved lawyer adjacent, on Fvx and Friends around 6:15 EST live [shouldn't she be showering and baking for church, one might ponder?] ... that the profanity swooped across the lobby and went 'like a dagger through my heart!'


The Teller was unable to halt the impulse of her Jesus Would Have Done It Self, and let the offending bank customer know in detail how the profanity-laced life was assuredly going to lead Straight To Hell {paraphrasey}.

We have all heard some oddities from bank tellers - but a Fire and Brimstone (with a Southern drawl and that Ice faux smile) solicitation when you are in an entirely different rope line?

Hell No.

Good on that bank for canning the Holier Than Thou teller. If she has a burning desire to recruit more Born Again folk to share The Rapture with, missionary work in Utah or Uganda is assuredly her best bet. She could Badger Away 24/7.

Have a Blessed day, Teller. Save the Salvation for after work hours.