Bill Kristol Loses His War-Mongering Conservative Mind on Morning Joe



Best Tuesday a.m. thing in the world: Bill Kristol and Nick Kristof at the same table with Scarborough shouting about boots on the ground in Iraq, and Richard Engel swooping in live from Baghdad to shut them the eff up.

Again, I know I need a Morning Joe et al Twelve Step program, but you won't believe what that Roundtable of Fools was up to this morning. Bill Kristol denies that there is war fatigue in the country. At a near shout.

It was BushCo meets Joe Schmoe with all sorts of pundits in the mix, and the recently ballsy John Heilemann once again saved their media bacon in terms of asking the hard questions. Like a reporter. Or a journalist. Perhaps a keen blogger. Or even a curious citizen with a conscience.

Bill Kristol loves to be in the spotlight. Today he was needled right into what serves as a full-on Hissy Fit for the uber-manicured urbane face of conservative war-mongering intellect.

And thank dog John Heilemann had to take the wheel. (I think when Joe Schmoe runs for office MSNBC is going to drop the ubiquitous Game Change boys into his Throne.)

Heilemann: "This is American blood you are talking about!!" Enjoy.

How great was that??! Isn't that what you'd say to that idiot Bill Kristol if you had a turn? "If we are going to put American blood on the line, there ought to be support in the country for it ... there is war weariness in this country whether you believe there is or not!" - Mr. Heilemann

Who knew Heilemann had it in him? I didn't see it coming. He's just got to be a progressive at heart, that cat. Or has had to work with that twit RWNJ Halperin far too long.


Mika sat meekly and let it swirl. Schmoe, once again, looked bewildered at the actual interviewing taking place around and above him, then told Kristol to bring more spice the next time he swung by in that annoying Southern country lawyer drawl.

Joe's foreign policy is as well thought out as Mittens. A few egoist-filled congressional committees and being skewered Live by Zbig aka Mika's Dad do not a an expert make.

  • Guest

    Bill Kristol: Invade Iraq
    Bill Kristol: Don't leave Iraq
    Bill Kristol: Invade Syria
    Bill Kristol: Don't deal with Iran
    Bill Kristol: Invade Saudi Arabia......

  • Sherry Hardy

    "Bloody Bill" is hilarious. And Like a hungry cat. Imagine Heilemann was lying awake last night parsing that question in his head …

  • Sherry Hardy

    Could you go around and be his liberal interpreter, Riccardo? Dude needs a hand.

  • Sherry Hardy

    I think that's in their contract. 😉 Happily, Laffy doesn't duct-tape us here.

  • Chauncy Gardner

    I Noticed John Heilemann was Eyeing Bloody Bill thru the whole Segment to Pounce on Bloody Bill when He Opened His STUPID ASS MOUTH

  • Riccardo Cabeza

    Shorter Billy Kristol: "I want more Americans to die in Iraq, so that Nuclear Apartheid to the West doesn't have to be troubled by it. You know, Nuclear Apartheid? South of Lebanon? West of Jordan? Because let's face it, there is no threat to the US in Iraq. Never was."

  • Riccardo Cabeza

    Shorter Lori Klausutis death republican Joe Scarborough: mistakes were make in iraq, yada yada yada

  • edmeyer_able

    "With all due respect to Bill Kristol"? excuse me he deserves no respect.