NRA Calls Researching Gun Violence 'Unethical'


NRA Gun Nut

Image: the amazing Bill Day

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  • JT

    By that logic the parents of every child that dies in a backyard pool, riding a bike, or driving the family car should also be prosecuted. Beware of numbers associated with undefined groups like "children". In the past some groups have lumped everyone under 21 in that group. If there is no citation for the source of the information "kills more children than cancer" either the reporter is supremely lazy, or is not being factual.

  • Sally

    No, dear, what is 'unethical' is the number of children dying in their own bedrooms after they find Daddy's plaything and shoot themselves and or a sibling. How about we start prosecuting these 'accidental' deaths as the homicides they are? How about we start holding your precious gun owners responsible for all these deaths, instead of letting them off because they are grieving for their toddler already? What is it the NRA wants exactly? All your AR-#### will not stop a government from taking you on, were it so inclined. All those military weapons are for is to kill...and they are killing innocent kids and grandmas and brothers. Wake up. The USA is not Somalia, and we will not allow the 3 million NRA backers to tell us what is best for this nation.