GOP councilwoman asked to resign after saying fatal police shooting “saved us a trial.”


councilwoman Kring

Lucille Kring is a councilwoman from Anaheim, the city in which Disneyland-- "the happiest place on Earth"-- is situated, right here in my home state of California. The councilwoman may not be a councilwoman for long at the rate she's going. Nor is much of that Disney happy rubbing off on Anaheim at the moment.

You see, Councilwoman Kring isn't serving her "pro-life" Republican party very well after her Kring-worthy, er, cringe-worthy praise of the killing of a suspect. Yes, she actually gave a thumbs up to a police shooting that ended a young man's life.

Oh goody, the guy's dead so we don't need a trial! "Always a good outcome," she gushed.

But how do you really feel, Lucille?

Via the Los Angeles Times:

An Anaheim councilwoman is under growing pressure to resign following her online remarks that a fatal police shooting of a 21-year-old man had “saved us a trial.”

Lucille Kring, who now is running for mayor of Orange County's largest city, quickly apologized for her remarks, but some residents pushing for her resignation said it was too late. [...]

“The shooting saved us a trial. Always a good outcome,” Councilwoman Lucille Kring wrote on an online thread for residents of the city’s Colony District. [...]

Genevieve Huizar, who recently lost a wrongful death lawsuit for the officer-involved shooting of her son Manuel Diaz, called Kring’s statements sickening.

“Lucille, apology not accepted,” Huizar said. “How dare you? How dare you?”

Kring's resignation, now that would be a "good outcome."