WI voucher school closes "in dead of night," only 1 student proficient in reading 2012-'13


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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sure loves to push the talking point of a voucher school in every pot, because, see, that's just the kind of corporatist he is. But back in August 2013, I posted this: Wisconsin families who already have kids at taxpayer-funded private schools are still sending in voucher requests. I wrote:

Wisconsin gets a lot of voucher requests for their private schools. However, there appears to be a teeny weeny little glitchette. Families who already have kids at those schools are still sending in voucher requests. Gee, ya think someone should take a second look at Gov. Scott Walker's cherished privatizing efforts?

The answer to that question is still "yes." Why? Here's one more reason, courtesy of JSOnline:

A small private school participating in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program abruptly closed in the middle of December, but not before collecting more than $200,000 from taxpayers this academic year to educate students who now attend other schools, state officials confirmed.

LifeSkills Academy, a K-8 school that had dwindled to 66 students... "They moved out, as people say, in the dead of the night," Father Carl Diederichs of All Saints said. [...]

LifeSkills received $202,278 in taxpayer-funded voucher payments from the state this year, and more than $633,248 in voucher payments in 2012-'13, according to the DPI. The school joined the voucher program in 2008-'09 and collected more than $2 million in total public payments to educate children.

Pretty bad, huh? It gets even worse. Test scores showed that, out of all the students who went to LifeSkills school o' voucher, only one-- count 'em, one-- was proficient in reading or math in 2012-'13. That's some track record.

And it gets worse: The Department of Public Instruction cannot "recoup public money spent by voucher schools that do not finish the year." That's a big hunk o' cash to lose, right taxpayers?

So, Gov. Scott Walker, how's that privatization thing workin' for ya?


  • tshirtweather

    Since $202,278 divided by 66 students is $3,065 dollars per student, and Milwaukee Public Schools spent $14,038 per student in 2010, the money spent isn't a problem. The success rate of 1/66 is 1.5% and MPS had a success rate of 15% so neither one has anything to be proud of. The good thing here is that the terrible school did go out of business and the parents should look at the information that is easily available on-line and find a good school for their children. The vouchers give choices to parents, they don't make things perfect because we don't life in a perfect world but I'm sure most people would agree that a monopoly is bad.

  • marid

    Your take "allegedly" is perfect. He is all for Rahm and the Corporatists. School Reform as we know it is a complete failure. Beam Me Up Scotty is immune to facts, logic, or common sense. Walker suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect. Check behind the curtain to see who is behind this reform, same old crooks and thieves who own our political system.

  • Wemble

    That's my college dropout governor. Scooter Walkers does not value education or respect teachers, but he is good at serving his corporate masters, the Koch Brothers.

  • FrothyBrown

    I wouldn't be surprised to hear "John Doe" Scotty was dipping out of this pot

  • Roman Berry

    Sounds like lyrics to a song...

    "Everybody get out on the floor, Jesus rode a dinosaur"

    All we need is a dance beat.

  • wifather2000

    The local charter school in my area had a bring in your own movie day. One kid brought in a home movie of Jesus riding a dinosaur. In color!!!

  • mellowjohn

    meanwhile, here in chicago, our allegedly democratic mayor and his hand-picked and appointed school board of plutocrats are voting soon to open 21 new charter schools – many in neighborhoods where schools were closed for declining enrollment just last june.